Thursday, April 4, 2019

4 Unique Care Packages To Let Someone Know You Care

Whether you have a friend who is going through a tough breakup, heard that a coworker has experienced a loss, or just want to let someone in your life know you're thinking about them, a care package is a great way to send a little happiness their way. While flowers and cards are always nice to receive, a package full of your loved one's favorite goodies or helpful necessities will go a long way. If you're looking for unique ways to let people in your life know you care, here are four unique care package ideas to consider.

Ice Cream Care Package

Who wouldn't love an assortment of their favorite flavors of ice cream when they're feeling low? You can even send an ice cream care package in the mail if your intended recipient lives out of town. Complete the package with cute bowls and spoons and some delicious toppings for sundaes!

Candy Care Package

For friends who have a crazy sweet tooth, there's nothing like a bounty of candy to get through a hard time. M&M gift baskets, skittles care packages, or a candy bouquet with a variety of candy types are all great ideas for candy care baskets.

Spa Care Package

If you have a friend or coworker who is under a lot of stress, a spa care package might be just what they need to unwind and pamper themselves for a few hours. You can even make a DIY spa care package by picking up a face mask, bath bomb, soothing body lotion, and essential bath tools.

Tea Gift Basket

For the friend who can't start their day without first enjoying a cup of tea, consider a tea gift basket. With some specialty tea, a new mug, and a sweet treat, your friend can enjoy a few peaceful mornings with a little help from you. 

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