Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Why BLeisure Doesn't Apply To Me

Have you ever heard about the term bleisure travel? Bleisure is a business trip combined with leisure. For the employer's point of view, this can be a bit in a grey area but I would say if you are in the era of millennial this can be used to attract talent. For the conservative employer, they don't allow such leisure involve during a business trip. From the start to the end of your travel trip just breath eat talk business all the way.

Throughout my working life, I have experience visited few places for my work and that just purely worked. I mentioned to people I am travelling for work, the response will be like....whoa!!! so nice!!! so enjoy!!! Whoa!!! lucky you!
To me, I would rather stay at the normal office back home rather than go out there for a working trip. 
The reason, my schedule was super pack to the extent no time to experience jet legged. What is jet legged anyway? 

How to enjoy bleisure and why this doesn't apply to me?

1. Get an authentic coffee break

Well for old school may be thinking of settling at Starbuck or any other generic coffee chain and drink coffee is the authentic coffee break. NO! If you want to enjoy the bleisure , hop on to a new cafe near your hotel or working area and spend some time enjoying freshly brew local coffee and taste some of the local pastries. Just sit for at least 30 minutes and give your mind a break while observing the local living in the town.
I never recalled doing so during any of my working trips. I really have no time to even sit and think. I am just a bullet shooting at the target I met throughout the day. Coffee? I only get coffee during the breakfast buffet at the hotel. :(

2. Work out

In fact, making time for a gym session at the hotel can be a huge mood booster.
During the working trip, I usually started my morning at 6am and ends at 12 midnight. Its all about work, not workout. Do you think, I still have mood and time to visit the gym. Hurl!!! My mind must be at peace the moment I start to visit the gym during the working trip.

3. Eat Well

The Asian way of eating well can be a bit different definition. For Western tend to do a good balance dining but for Asian is to full max the meal budget given. You will end up overeating. I usually went for a solo business trip. There was one time my superior joined me for the trip, and I end up have a culture shock to what she ordered for only both of us. A full table of Japanese cuisine to max both budget! Hurl!!!! Almost died when saw the full table after came back from my toilet break. To be honest, I can't eat so much in one seating during the business trip due to work pressure.

4. Night Outing

Enjoy the local happy hour scene after the working hour. I really wanted to do the night walking but I normally have a job to finish in the hotel room. I end up spending my after working hour and work through midnight. Your boss may say is ok finish it later but first thing tomorrow they will ask you about it! Duh??? What choice left for me then?

Some people may think bleisure is like taking advantage of company expense. Hell no! As long as you work during the working hours and enjoy all those after your usual working hours...what advantage do you enjoy? Isn't this a usual well-balanced life that we all suppose to live?

Back to reality, for some superior mindset working trip is like squeezing that cow to dry. They thought by flying you to the other country and let you sleep in a hotel is already a privilege to enjoy. Hurl!!!! What a shallow mindset they have there. 

As for me, a working trip is the most stressful moment in my entire working segment. I tried to relax and complete my job that never sees the end of the road to that. This is working life...it just in a different form. So don't envy others work so much, appreciate what you have at present! Grass not always green on the other side and it shouldn't be yellow too.


  1. Ada juga yang enjoy / ambil masa bekerja tu sesambil bercuti dengan keluarga dalam masa yang sama. Tapi kena tengok la masa you bekerja tu macamana. Kalau full day macamana nak enjoy time dengan family atau diri sendiri. Kena tengok tempat you tinggal tu selesa ke tak....tempat you pergi tu best ke?....Banyak faktor kan?

  2. Satu cadangan yang baik kepada pekerja yang melancong sambil bekerja. Tak perlu fikir nak pergi jauh2. Cukup buat perkara di atas dah boleh rasa bagaikan sedang bercuti

  3. You really are workaholics girls. But i think im a bit like u too.. If u have tons of work to do.. I can imagine how stressful u r

  4. my situation is the same with you. it is always about work & work only. i rather choose to straight away go home after finish work than lepak2 or jalan2 haha :) btw nice sharing

  5. Kena enjoy dengan kehidupan dan juga kerja yang kita buat baru kita rasa menghargai segalanya kalau tidak susah juga hehehehe tak apa take your time and this one is good info to all..

  6. Baru tahu ada ayat Bleisure ye..like my hubs la kalau outstation memang bawa marsha & anak anak. So after he work kan leisure...hihi

  7. nice sharing. I do feel that sometimes whenever i go leisure but i dont enjoy 100% of the time because there are so many workloads in my mind that burden me and force me to keep thinking about it unless i complete it

  8. I have never get to bleisure. Business means business. Leisure is when travelling, holiday by myself. But yeah sometimes ppl tend to do bleisure cos it's not easy going to one place, so might kill 2 birds in one stone. hehe

  9. Bestnya klau buat kerja diluar, then dapat bawa family sekali. Secara tak langsung kita bercuti sekali. Tp tengok pada situasi tugas juga la kan.

  10. previously i kerja memang no bleisure..overload work ada la on working trips..so sad..huhu


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