Sunday, July 28, 2019

How To Earn USD Through Your Blog ?

July has been a hectic month for me. I was away from home for many days. One thing I learned throughout my journey being away from my home country, is I am able to earn cash online while away from home country. Before my travel, I have signed up to to this platform called Valued Voice. Formerly known as Link Vehicle. I don't really take them seriously when I was approached by one of the Account Manager to be part of their influencer community. I just signed up for the sake of entertaining them since they have been emailing me a few times. I got nothing to lose anyway since its a FREE SIGN UP.

Its all started when I was in Jakarta and China recently, the opportunities keep coming through Valued Voice. All I need to do is to copy and paste the ready article with the link to my blog. I submit through the Valued Voice site for review and within 3 days the USD cleared to my accounts.

By the way, I was at FREE Accounts subscriptions. I recently draw USD150.00 to my PayPal account. All happens in less than a month.

How to Sign Up to be part of Valued Voice Influencer like me?

* Click the link HERE to sign up for free.

* They will review your application and will approve within 48 hours.

Tips to get sponsored post from Valued Voice :

1. Complete your profile and influencer score - a higher score percentage will improve chances to get sponsored post through Valued Voice.

2. Add your online channel - Instagram, blog, facebook and whatever channel you have.

3. Stay active with Valued Voice - you should consistently log in to the Valued Voice to proof you are serious in making money. Don't get so disappointed if you don't get any opportunity in the first month sign up. 

Be patient and hope you will start earning USD like me soon. Sharing is caring! Don't forget to sign up as Valued Voice Influencer HERE.

If you are a Brand who inerested to make value of your advertising can click the Brand free sign up HERE. You will see the different to your Brand very soon with Value Voice.

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