Friday, October 11, 2019

Review : Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel

I bought this out of my frustration because the sunscreen which I was eyeing for many months still has no sign of dropping the price. Who will pay more than hundreds for a tube of sunscreen? Huh! So full of themselves to price that high for just a sunscreen?  I was at Guardian pharmacy and notice Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel SPF 50+ tester. Awesome! can even try this out before buying. At least this is one humble brand who is generous enough to let the buyer try out before making the decision to purchase.

I fall in love when I read a gel type. Wow! my style... and when the first drop hit my skin... I was like...this is it! I ladle it into my skin and amaze of the lightweight, non-greasy and it quickly disappears into my skin. Best of all no white cast left on my skin.

I was glad to make a decision to check this out. I heard this product is the Face Republic best selling. Indeed this is a good try if you are looking for some good protection at the same time gives you perfect lightweight texture gel sunscreen. Despite the milkier appearance, this gel is easily spread out on skin compared to other sunscreens I have tried before.

I love the hints of  citrus smells from this product and most of all it not sticky and quite addicting to apply this more and more. huhuhuh

It left my skin hydrated, look refresh and healthier too. This is coming with me on my next birthday travel.

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