Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Win a FREE CAR at Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang KLIA

What is your plan for this Christmas Celebration?

If you don't have any, why don't bring your family down to Mitsui Outlet Park at Sepang KLIA. Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA), is a Japan's branded factory outlet shopping mall with lots of foreign and local brand to cater to all shoppers out there. Recently, new stores have come under the roof - Burger King, Kenny Rogers, Gong Cha, fashion outlets such as Calvin Klein Jeans, Nautica, Kipling as well as several other lifestyle stores - Victorinox, Samsonite and Tefal.

Exciting activities at MOP KLIA

This year Christmas, MOP KLIA has decked the mall with artic themed decorations and new unique attractions to get visitors excited for the holiday season. YES! Its a "Happy Polar Christmas" this year at MOP KLIA.

Visitors will enjoy some unique attractions such as Snow Playland and Infinity Mirror LightRoom. 

Snow Playland - is designed to offer winter experience with lots of fun in real snow with only RM20 per admission.

Infinity Mirrored Light Room - brings you to the journey through space with high-tech lighting and graphics

Some other line up activities at MOP KLIA :

From 20th  - 24th Dec 2019, Christmas Carollers will be singing their heart out and Santa Claus appearance and make his cheering round. There will never be a dull moment at MOP KLIA as children and adults alike will be entertained with postcard making and colouring activities as well as a train ride at Sunshine square with only RM5 per ride.

In conjunction with the Christmas celebration, MOP KLIA will also be extending its business hours on the 20th and 21st December to 12 midnight with a special happy hour sale at participating outlets.

Be one of the lucky visitors at MOP KLIA 

Christmas is about the season of gifting and happiness. Some of the exciting prizes to be won at MOP KLIA from now to 1st Jan 2020.

* Shop and win a FREE CAR while shopping at MOP KLIA. If you are the lucky shoppers, drive away with Toyota Avanza 2019 or Toyota Yaris 2019. OMG! Each car worth at least RM80,000. Who knows, you could welcome the new Year 2020 with a brand new car.

* Win cash vouchers by sharing your exciting moment photos to your Instagram while enjoying the Infinity LightRoom. Don't forget to hashtag, #MOPPOST.

Where is MOP KLIA?

MOP KLIA is strategically located just 8 minutes away from KLIA and approximately 45 minutes from KL City Centre. The outlet mall is easily accessible through various highway namely ELITE, LDP, KESAS, MAJU and NKVE. Getting to MOP KLIA is also convenient via KLIA Ekspres which departs from KL Sentral every 20 minutes to KLIA and KLIA2 and thereafter visitors can take the dedicated free shuttle bus that is offered to and from KLIA and KLIA2.

If you require more information on upcoming offers, promotions and happenings at MOP KLIA, visit or

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Friday, December 13, 2019

What and WhereTo Eat In Tianjin?

As a Muslim traveller, I don't have a problem to find food here in Tianjin. There is so much Halal food here. 

If you read my previous entry on Tianjin, I did mention stay in Holiday Inn Express Heping, Tianjin. Just like many other Holiday Inn Express chain, you can't expect good buffet from them. To me the variant kind of dull. It's not Halal. I use my creativity to toast the bread and hard-boiled egg to make my own sandwiches every morning. hahaha

I am proven a living survivor in anywhere I travel. Always crack my head if cant find suitable food to eat. Travel with instant food in my bag from Malaysia is so unusual for me. Unless, if I know the food is super damn expensive and the place I am visiting is to remote for me to find something to eat.

Tianjin Chestnuts

I don't know that Tianjin Chestnuts is super famous. It's common to see people lining up day and night just for a bag of Chestnuts. I discover this while strolling along the Tianjin University Street. This place kind of opposite the place I stayed. So I was there a few times and was very curious about the long queue. One morning, I decided to join the queue and bought a bag of Chestnuts for myself. OMG! can't get enough of this. Different from the chestnuts I ever ate before. Tianjin Chestnuts taste sweet and savoury at the same time. You will get addicted.

Another famous snack is sunflower seeds. I don't try that since no patient to peel that with my teeth. Kuaci je pun....Too small and tiring for me! hahaha

Chinese Pancakes or Crepe (Jianbing Guozi)

This is another common snack in Tianjin. The pancakes batter made of mung bean, egg and some special sauce. Chilli and Soy sauce is very famous here too. They will ask you if you want spicy or non-spicy. You can choose between Crispy Crackers and You Tiao. I have tried with both fillings and my vote goes to Crispy Crackers filling. Check out the process of Chinese pancakes being prepared in the video below.  By the way, I bought this from Halal Snack Shop

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Ear-Hole Fried Cake (Erduoyan Zha Gao)

You won't miss this at all. They sell this almost everywhere. Basically a rice cakes with some filling like red bean, lotus paste or custard. I just can't get enough of this too. It so small and you can't eat just one of this. The rice cake is so soft and chewy. Taste better than Tteok from Korea. The name of this cake is kind of interesting with the direct translation means Ear Hole. I don't see any hole in this cake at all! hahaha...Too lazy to google the history of this cake name.

Stuffed Meat Buns (Goubuli Baozi)

The name is so weird which literally translate as 'Dog Doesn't Care' or 'Ignorance Dog' mmmmmm...wanna try also scared leh, who knows the stuff in dog meat inside. hahaha.
Did I try this? Yeah!!! found this at one of the halal stalls. To me, this is just a steamed bun. Frankly speaking from my point of taste bud, I  think the 'Pau Ahmad' or 'Tanjung Malim Pau' is more delicious than this. hahaha

Talking about Dog...I remember buying a few bags of roasted peanuts which called " Dog Poo". hahaha...seriously, most of my colleague said it's super delicious. It's delicious to me too. Regret not to buy more though! I remember buying it at one of the groceries stores and the store owner's son told me the name which really put me off on the spot. Almost put back to the shelf and he keeps convince me to give it a try. Which I did? The next day bought a few more. Gosh! so addictive! The name really put me off. But the taste? I want it again and again. It's so tasty!

Disclaimer: No dog injured or killed to make this dishes. huhuhu

Rolling Donkey

I recognised this snack since I ate this during my Beijing trip. Oh! if just now I talked about Dog, now we have donkey too. They just love to use the animal name. Don't worry! No donkey died to make this snack. It just a layer of sticky rice dough with red bean paste and then roll in the soybean powder. I love this too if I get the fresh one!

ShouliGao (Flour Dessert)

I bought this because it looks so colourful and pretty! hahaha..Sucker! right?
Taste? Not my style at all. Totally not as delicious as it looks. muahahaha..I basically bought, took some photo and then sat at one corner struggling to finish the whole plates with 6 pieces ShouliGao.I don't want to waste food! My mission is to accomplish ZERO FOOD WASTE. God will punish me for wasting the food! Serious, our 'Putu Piring' or 'Putu Bambu' taste more delicious than this. That flour base tastes nothing like our putu piring or Bambu at all. I don't know how to describe but it just not my style. The colourful topping just a various super sweet fruit jams which you can get your whole leg chopped off! huhuhuh


I think you can find this at Jonker Walk too right? I love hawthorn. This sugar-coated hawthorn, I would be happy if I have someone to finish the rest of the fruits. I can't finish in this alone though.

Lamb Dumpling

I went into one of the Xinjiang Restaurant to eat this. It looks a lot. But seriously, I can just sit there and finish the whole plate even after slurping a bowl of Beef Lamian. This is so addictive, especially with some chillies oil. I did this a lot during my Xining trip. Call me Dumpling addicts! hahaha..But I only eat Lamb dumpling. Not so big fan of chicken or beef.

Beef Lamian

Don't need an introduction. I ate many of this during my trip to Lanzhou and Xining until I got fed up with anything soupy. hahaha..I ate this because the restaurant is nearby the Hotel I stayed.

Fried Noodles

I tried this on one of the cold night which made me lazy to walk further from my hotel. The Muslim restaurant located right opposite the hotel I stayed in. Not bad! But I was so struggling to finish this alone. I ate until feel so damn bored eating. It's not that I don't feel thankful for my food, just don't understand why the Chinese love too big portion in every meal served? Why? Can't you serve moderate portion? Woman or Man there....they can finish this without any problem. I was damn struggling and feeling like crying to finish this. Can't waste food ma!

Sour Fish Soup

I discover this by accident, while looking for a toilet at one of the shopping malls near Bingjiang Shopping Street, then decided to head down to basement food court. I found a Halal Sour Fish Soup. I fall in love not only with the young guy who prepares this but this soup is super delicious and refreshing taste. I ordered the set with rice and who knows there are noodles at the bottom of this soup. Die! I need to finish a bowl of rice together with this noodle. They really serve a generous portion here. The fish meat is so fresh and the black fungus kind of chewy too. The pepper taste and sourness of plum really delicious to eat during cold days. 

I went back to the same stall during my last day before heading to the airport in the evening, to taste the Mala (Sichuan) Pepper soup but the person who took order misunderstood me and serve me with tomato soup version. Aiyakkk!!! I really hate tomato soup in the first place. Forcing myself to finish the tomato version fish soup. isk isk isk Not that bad for my hungry tummy. I purposely skip the buffet breakfast at my hotel and waited for the mall to open just for this. huhuhuh

Address? muahaha. IMA forgot to note down. All using my memory and only found the place after a few rounds lost my way on the second visit. hahaha

Inner Xinjiang Muslim Food

OMG! I seriously missed all this food from my Xi'an trip. When I saw this restaurant...I was like...take my money. I don't care how much is the bill. I will eat my most craving Dapanji (Big Plate Chicken). I ordered half chicken Dapanji, 2 sticks of grilled lamb and some warm nan bread. I really finish all this until the next table staring at my lonely table. Yeah! they ordered a lot and waste lots of food. Me? I just wobble all clear! muahahaha...ZERO Waste mission ma! Red Dates tea is free flow is delicious too. huhuhuh

Sorry! if you think I went to Tianjin but ate Xinjiang food. I just craving for this food people! Craving for Dapanji for super long time. Craving satisfied and this Dapanji is super delicious than what I ate in Xi'an. Gosh! I really need to save up and brave myself to Xinjiang soon. Let muster my courage to visit that place in few years time.


This fried twisted dough is a famous snack in Tianjin. People buy this by boxes people. It must be super nice, right? I don't try this one at all since I need to buy a big bag for this. I am just afraid unable to finish this by myself. I just imagine the taste is like our very own Mahua here too. kekeke...can't taste this? Just use my wild imagination! hahaha

There is so much other food you can try in Tianjin. If you are a non-muslim, abundance of food waiting for you. Even if you are a Muslim like me, you won't end up in the Hotel room eating pack instant food. Just prepare lots of money and enjoy!!!!

There are a few famous Food Street in Tianjin you can explore :

Nanshi Food Street 

Address: located West of Heping Rd. 

I visited this place with hope but the result was a total let down. It so touristy and I just don't feel comfortable to even explore further. The price is expensive too. You won't miss this place because the building is like a palace-like classic building with rows of stalls selling snacks and food.

Heping District Food Street

Address: Liaoning Rd, Heping District

I don't visit this place but just pass by. You can give a try though! I would go if the weather is not that cold at night.

Shiyue Food Street

Address: near Zhonghan Park , Hebei Distirct

Actually, the place itself is a nice environment but just happen during my visit the place is too quiet since it's after the Golden Holiday.

Five Great Avenue Food Street (near to WuDaDao)

It is more restaurant a cafe place since this place is quite a high-end area. But worth for people who love the posh environment.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

6 Tips For Job Seeker in Malaysia

The recent news update from economist report predicted for gloomy prospects for job-seeker next year. For job-seeker, this news does not sounds encouraging at all. Don't feel very down easily. There is always an opportunity waiting for you. It is a matter of time for good luck to reach your side. You just need to have faith and keep on trying. 

Those days, I remember applying for a job using a classified and recruitment ad from the newspaper. Arming with a handwritten letter to typing the letter out.No mobile phone for people to contact me directly. Waiting next to a fixed-line phone is a routine for me before getting hired. That was during those eras. I have gone through that to apply for a job. People now are very lucky. We have WWW for us to search for a job. Many ways and a wide range of online platforms waiting for you.

I know it's a very competitive game for all job-seekers too. You just need to make yourself more visible across the relevant online platform to get a higher chance of securing your dream job.

6 tips for online job seekers :

1. Be more pro-active 

Some candidates just search for job opportunities and if there is no match, they just don't click apply. Well, be more proactive by email direct your CV/Resume to the recruiter with a cover letter and write to them sincerely. Do not write 'half-heartedly' such as " I am looking for a job" the attached your email. No effort from you at all and you expect a miracle? Dreams on!
I remember getting an opportunity from a recruiter who called me out of the blue for a job opportunity which I don't even apply. 

2. Avoid Scammer

You must aware that the employer pays the recruiter to find the right person for the role. Some scammer requested some payment for a background and qualification check. Nonsense! There is no such thing! No matter how great opportunities they have promised you, avoid this kind of so-called 'scammer' by all means. Many other opportunities are waiting for you. It should cost you anything to apply for a job.

3. Clean up your online visibility

Ensure your online presence appears as the best to your prospective future employers. Nowadays, most employers are online savvy. They will do an online search to understand who you are. I remember telling the interview, my hobby is an online writing and sometimes did some product review gigs for fun. Nothing bad for being a blogger as long as you present yourself well online and offline. Your online image may sometimes contrast with your job but all this can be explained carefully. To me as long as your online image doesn't affect your work, it is alright!

4. Build up Linkedin Network

Most people neglected LinkedIn when it comes to job searching. Many opportunities are waiting for you if you build up good networking on LinkedIn. Make sure you build up a good profile and it is visible to recruiters on LinkedIn too.

5. Protect your Personal Confidential information

Some people think they have added in all information in the resume. Please avoid sharing unnecessary information such as bank account, ic number, physical address in your resume. We don't know how to secure the recruiters' process of our personal data. All this will only be required once you get the interview.

6. Widen your search

Don't bank in with only one platform. The most famous online job platform may be competitive for you. Why not try some medium-sized platform?  The wider choices will increase your opportunity. is an online boutique recruitment place only for job-seekers. The various employers who hired them to find the right candidates for them. Not like any other online recruitment platform, they only advertise the job vacancy using their twitter, Instagram and FB page

If you are currently looking for a job opportunity, why don't check them out? Just select any of the open vacancies listed in their Social Media Networks and email your resume / CV to apply for your desired job.

Bonus tips, build up a good relationship with recruiters will gain you more advantages. Please make sure to attend the interview appointment made and present yourself well to the prospective employers. 

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Safi Youth Radiance Worth or Not Worth To Try?

This is my first time using this brand. I remember bought and recommended Safi to my Mum a few years back. She is still using this brand but from the different series. She even proudly recommended Safi to her friends too. I notice over the years Safi through Safi Research Institute has developed a different type of range and really innovative on their creation to cater to a different type of skin and age range.

I finally have the chance to try out Safi new beauty range. They just launched the Safi Youth Radiance series which boasted using the Beetox Technology, Saffron Gold and Lipo Vit-C.
Beetox? Saffron Gold? Lipo Vit-C? They really know how to select premium ingredients for Women skin. So, how these ingredients work for our skin?

The  3 main ingredients for Safi Youth Radiance :

Saffron extract - known as a potent antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits, improves and brightens skin complexion.

Lipo Vitamin C - boosted the potent antioxidants which proven skin lightening benefits. Fights free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure.

Hyaluronic Acid - Most women are well versed what Hyaluronic Acid benefits to the skin. A super moisturising agent that hydrates and locks skin moisture up to 24 hours.

I have tested two products from Safi Youth Radiance series :

* Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence, 100ml, Retail Price RM55.00
* Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser, 40g, Retail Price RM55.90

Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence

A water-based formulation that has powerful moisturising and antioxidant agents that restore skin suppleness, softness and hydration. 

Product claimed :

* 3X Antioxidant power
* 6X moisture power
* Instant hydration up to 130 percent

How to apply Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence?

Just like any other essence, just apply on cleansed skin and neck. Massage it in a circular motion until fully absorbed into the skin which not difficult at all since the product kind of quick to absorb into the skin. You will rest assure your skin is ready to accept the next skincare routine after applying this essence.

Texture and experience: Transparent liquid with luxurious gold flakes which is great for the skin. I love how light the product is when it touches my skin. Since this is a water-based product so it really absorbs super fast into your skin. The smells are so refreshing sweet smells. Really helps to prepare the skin for the next skincare regime absorption. 

Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser

This is not like any other moisturiser from other beauty products. Safi Youth Radiance Serum is and infused moisturiser formulated to be lightweight, non-sticky and non-oily with fast absorption into the skin.

Product claimed :

* 280 percent  instant moisture
* 72 hours moisture retention
* 20 percent saffron power moist B5 complex
* 92.5 percent stronger skin barrier
* 75 percent improved skin brightening
* 67 percent improved skin elasticity

How to apply Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser?

I would recommend this after applying the Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence for optimum result. Just massage the products on a circular motion on your cleansed skin and neck.

Texture and experience: The white cream surprisingly transforms into moisture water droplets upon one application. I can feel the product penetrate deep into my skin and my skin moisturise for a long time throughout the day with Safi Youth Radiance Serum. This is not just talking. Fall in love with the texture of this moisturiser and it does wonders for my skin. I never use moisturiser in this kind of pump out bottle before, so I feel the packaging is really hygienic since we don't have to use fingers to get the content our of the jar.

Why I said Safi Youth Radiance series will give a fabulous result to your skin?

  • Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence are basically can be used as a toner and Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser helps to moisturise your skin up to 24 hours.
  • Do you ever encounter experience have to wait for your skincare products to absorb before going to the next skincare regime? I seriously lost my patient if that happens to me. Safi Youth Radiance series is a water-based formulation product for easy absorption and perfect for people like me who are always on the go. 
  • This skincare helps to repair your skin even at night, so use this with confidence.
  • If you are looking for visible results please use both products together in your daily skin regime.

Since the product claimed for youthful and luminous skin, I would recommend Safi Youth Radiance for women age 35 onwards. Do you believe it? I am turning 46 years old next year. Select a good skin quality skincare suitable for your skin is important to slow down your ageing process and enjoy your youthful look even in the mid-40s.

This range is a reasonable price for a good quality product with great ingredients which benefit the skin. To be honest, I always love the non-sticky and water-based skincare. This one? Worth to try for a better skin condition.

Safi Youth Radiance range developed specifically for Asian skin issue which combined the power of science and technology for the skin to restore to the natural best.

For Muslim, Safi Research Institute is known as the world's most advanced Halal Skincare Research and Development facility.

Where to buy your own Safi Youth Radiance series?

You can get yours at a leading pharmacy such as Guardian, Watsons, AEON Wellness. If you require information on Safi, please hop to their official website at

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Creating an Easy Beauty Routine

Keeping skin healthy and hydrated is essential to maintaining a bright, youthful appearance. Creating a daily beauty routine is necessary for maintaining your skin's natural glow. A well-rounded beauty routine should include cleansing and moisturizing agents as well as area-specific products. With an effective beauty routine under your belt, looking your best will become easier each day.

Step One: Cleansing Products

Keeping your face clean is essential so that bacteria and grime do not clog your pores. If you struggle with acne, try to use a product that targets pimples and blackheads. If you have sensitive skin, choose a gentle unscented cleanser. Make daily face washing part of your must-do routine and always remove makeup before going to sleep at night.

Step Two: Moisturizing Products

Your face is sensitive to elements that can dry it out like harsh winds, sunlight or dry air. Keeping it moisturized and hydrated keeps a healthy glow all year round and makes a better base for applying makeup and other face products. Even if you have combination or oily skin, moisturizers are an essential part of your routine to keep your skin from overproducing oils.

Step Three: Area-Specific Products

The last step in a beauty routine is targeting problem areas for your face. This may be under-eye bags or wrinkles and fine lines. Whatever your needs are, choose a product like a wrinkle cream in Memphis TN to treat those areas. In this way, you can keep your skin from ageing prematurely and manage conditions before they become a larger issue.

Forming and maintaining a beauty routine may be a goal that you have been wanting to achieve for some time. If it has seemed impossible before now, make a decision to follow these easy steps to achieve the flawless look that you have been dreaming of.