Wednesday, December 11, 2019

6 Tips For Job Seeker in Malaysia

The recent news update from economist report predicted for gloomy prospects for job-seeker next year. For job-seeker, this news does not sounds encouraging at all. Don't feel very down easily. There is always an opportunity waiting for you. It is a matter of time for good luck to reach your side. You just need to have faith and keep on trying. 

Those days, I remember applying the job using a classified and recruitment ad from the newspaper. Arming with a handwritten letter to the typing the letter out.No mobile phone for people to contact me directly. Waiting next to a fixed-line phone is a routine for me before getting hired. That was during those eras. I have gone through that to apply for a job. People now are very lucky. We have WWW for us to search for a job. Many ways and wide range of online platform waiting for you.

I know its very competitive game for all job-seekers too. You just need to make yourself more visible across to the relevant online platform to get a higher chance of securing your dream job.

6 tips for online job seekers :

1. Be more pro-active 

Some candidates just search job opportunities and if there is no match, they just don't click apply. Well, be more pro-active by email direct your CV/Resume to the recruiter with cover letter and write to them sincerely. Do not write 'half-heartedly' such as " I am looking for a job" the attached your email. No effort from you at all and you expect a miracle? Dreams on!
I remember getting an opportunity from a recruiter who called me out of the blue for the job opportunity which I don't even apply. 

2. Avoid Scammer

You must aware that the employer pays the recruiter to find the right person for the role. Some scammer requested some payment for a background and qualification check. Nonsense! There is no such thing! No matter how great opportunities they have promised you, avoid this kind of so-called 'scammer' by all means. Many other opportunities are waiting for you. It should cost you anything to apply for a job.

3. Clean up your online visibility

Ensure your online presence appears as the best to your prospective future employers. Nowadays, most employers are online savvy. They will do the online search to understand who you are. I remember telling the interview, my hobby is online writing and sometimes did some product review gigs for fun. Nothing bad for being a blogger as long as you present yourself well online and offline. Your online image may sometime contrast with your job but all this can be explained carefully. To me as long as your online image doesn't affect your work, it is alright!

4. Build up Linkedin Network

Most people neglected LinkedIn when it comes to job searching. Many opportunities are waiting for you if you build up good networking in LinkedIn. Make sure you build up a good profile and it visible to recruiters in LinkedIn too.

5. Protect your Personal Confidential information

Some people think they have added in all information in the resume. Please avoid sharing unnecessary information such as bank account, ic number, physical address in your resume. We don't know how to secure the recruiters' process of our personal data. All this will only be required once you get the interview.

6. Widen your search

Don't bank in with only one platform. The most famous online job platform, maybe competitive for you. Why not try our some medium-sized platform?  The wider choices will increase your opportunity. is an online boutique recruitment place only for job-seekers. They various employer who hired them to find the right candidates for them. Not like any other online recruitment platform, they only advertise the job vacancy using their twitter, Instagram and FB page

If you are currently looking for a job opportunity, why don't check them out? Just select any of the open vacancies listed in their Social Media Networks and email your resume / CV to apply for your desired job.

Bonus tips, build up a good relationship with recruiters will gain you more advantage. Please make sure to attend the interview appointment made and present yourself well to the prospective employers. 

Share this post to any of your friends who are currently looking for job opportunities. Encourage them to email an introduction to recruiter


  1. Bagus tips ni untuk mereka yang akan cari kerja. Saya pernah ditawarkan kerja pada hari saya interview sebab saya cakap macam konfiden kot. Sebenarnya saya nak test market ajer tapi end up dapat job. At last saya turn down job tersebut. Ye lah masa tu muda lagi.

  2. Zaman teknologi sekarang ni mudah sungguh nak tengok di mana ada kerja kosong. Teringat dulu², gigihla tengok iklan dalam paper..hantar resume . Tu belum lagi tanya kerja kosong dari mulut ke mulut. Dan akhirnya .. syukur ..berjaya masuk alam pekerjaan. Kenangan betul sebab banyak keja gakla buat lepas study..

  3. Great sharing babe!!! Dulu2 masa i cari kerja pun macam ni la... Linkedin memang membantu...

  4. Jobseekers definitely need this tips so bad. I might refer this next year. Hihi

  5. Tak tahu pulak ada scammer untuk apply job. Ish bahaya jugak kan. Ingat belian online je. Bab CV tu kena pandai kan. Banyak yang kreatif buat untuk mudahkan dapat job. Tq sharing. Good info for me too

  6. Yang number 3 tu memang penting kerana sekarang ni semua tempat kerja akan tengok social media seseorang adakah dia yang negetif atau tidak hehehe.. Good tips untuk semua yang mencari kerja....

  7. Until now i not understand function of linkedin . Is it many job seeker get job from that?

  8. yang penting pengalaman. tu company nak tengok.. tak kisah la kerja full time atau part time.. at least ada basic pun dah nice resume

  9. Zaman sekarang ni semua dihujung jari je. Boleh lah tengok mana ada kerja kosong. Kalau dulu tungkus-lumus cari merata tempat tengok iklan dalam surat khabar ke dengar dari mulut kawan. Bagusnyaa zaman makin maju

  10. sgt perlu semua ni. penting!
    jgn terpengaruh dgn offer yg di luar jangkaan, one more thing.
    releks. jgn tertipu.
    gunakan internet wisely :)

  11. Tq for all the tips. Mmg kena berhati hati dlm mencari pekerjaqn hari ni kan

  12. Thanks for the tips. Sekarang nak bekerja pun kena berhati hati takut kena tipu Kan.. nanti I nak bekerja in the future kena hati hati la takut betui

  13. Terima kasih atas tips ini, moga jadi panduan untuk mereka-mereka yang sedang mencari kerja.. nak cari kerja pun kena ada cara yang betul kan

  14. Thank you for the tips. This article is surely will help for those that seeking for job.

  15. Thanks for the tips, it's not easy nowadays but I like using Linkin really helps a lot

  16. thanks for the tips, jaman sekarang memang not easy to find a job. but have faith, dan teruskan berusaha


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