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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Safi Youth Radiance Worth or Not Worth To Try?

This is my first time using this brand. I remember bought and recommended Safi to my Mum a few years back. She is still using this brand but from the different series. She even proudly recommended Safi to her friends too. I notice over the years Safi through Safi Research Institute has developed a different type of range and really innovative on their creation to cater to a different type of skin and age range.

I finally have the chance to try out Safi new beauty range. They just launched the Safi Youth Radiance series which boasted using the Beetox Technology, Saffron Gold and Lipo Vit-C.
Beetox? Saffron Gold? Lipo Vit-C? They really know how to select premium ingredients for Women skin. So, how these ingredients work for our skin?

The  3 main ingredients for Safi Youth Radiance :

Saffron extract - known as a potent antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits, improves and brightens skin complexion.

Lipo Vitamin C - boosted the potent antioxidants which proven skin lightening benefits. Fights free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure.

Hyaluronic Acid - Most women are well versed what Hyaluronic Acid benefits to the skin. A super moisturising agent that hydrates and locks skin moisture up to 24 hours.

I have tested two products from Safi Youth Radiance series :

* Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence, 100ml, Retail Price RM55.00
* Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser, 40g, Retail Price RM55.90

Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence

A water-based formulation that has powerful moisturising and antioxidant agents that restore skin suppleness, softness and hydration. 

Product claimed :

* 3X Antioxidant power
* 6X moisture power
* Instant hydration up to 130 percent

How to apply Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence?

Just like any other essence, just apply on cleansed skin and neck. Massage it in a circular motion until fully absorbed into the skin which not difficult at all since the product kind of quick to absorb into the skin. You will rest assure your skin is ready to accept the next skincare routine after applying this essence.

Texture and experience: Transparent liquid with luxurious gold flakes which is great for the skin. I love how light the product is when it touches my skin. Since this is a water-based product so it really absorbs super fast into your skin. The smells are so refreshing sweet smells. Really helps to prepare the skin for the next skincare regime absorption. 

Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser

This is not like any other moisturiser from other beauty products. Safi Youth Radiance Serum is and infused moisturiser formulated to be lightweight, non-sticky and non-oily with fast absorption into the skin.

Product claimed :

* 280 percent  instant moisture
* 72 hours moisture retention
* 20 percent saffron power moist B5 complex
* 92.5 percent stronger skin barrier
* 75 percent improved skin brightening
* 67 percent improved skin elasticity

How to apply Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser?

I would recommend this after applying the Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence for optimum result. Just massage the products on a circular motion on your cleansed skin and neck.

Texture and experience: The white cream surprisingly transforms into moisture water droplets upon one application. I can feel the product penetrate deep into my skin and my skin moisturise for a long time throughout the day with Safi Youth Radiance Serum. This is not just talking. Fall in love with the texture of this moisturiser and it does wonders for my skin. I never use moisturiser in this kind of pump out bottle before, so I feel the packaging is really hygienic since we don't have to use fingers to get the content our of the jar.

Why I said Safi Youth Radiance series will give a fabulous result to your skin?

  • Safi Youth Radiance Anti-aging and Whitening Essence are basically can be used as a toner and Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser helps to moisturise your skin up to 24 hours.
  • Do you ever encounter experience have to wait for your skincare products to absorb before going to the next skincare regime? I seriously lost my patient if that happens to me. Safi Youth Radiance series is a water-based formulation product for easy absorption and perfect for people like me who are always on the go. 
  • This skincare helps to repair your skin even at night, so use this with confidence.
  • If you are looking for visible results please use both products together in your daily skin regime.

Since the product claimed for youthful and luminous skin, I would recommend Safi Youth Radiance for women age 35 onwards. Do you believe it? I am turning 46 years old next year. Select a good skin quality skincare suitable for your skin is important to slow down your ageing process and enjoy your youthful look even in the mid-40s.

This range is a reasonable price for a good quality product with great ingredients which benefit the skin. To be honest, I always love the non-sticky and water-based skincare. This one? Worth to try for a better skin condition.

Safi Youth Radiance range developed specifically for Asian skin issue which combined the power of science and technology for the skin to restore to the natural best.

For Muslim, Safi Research Institute is known as the world's most advanced Halal Skincare Research and Development facility.

Where to buy your own Safi Youth Radiance series?

You can get yours at a leading pharmacy such as Guardian, Watsons, AEON Wellness. If you require information on Safi, please hop to their official website at

Check out my video testing the texture of Safi Youth Radiance product below. Subscribe to my channel at


  1. I'm loving this product a lil too much, too! :)

  2. Safi.. salah satu jenama yang i sebagai lelaki tahu... by the way.. my wife juga guna produk Safi

  3. Lama tak jalan-jalan drugstore. Ada juga terperasan produk Safi yang baru ni. Umur semakin meningkat, memang perlu pakai produk anti-aging kan? Mungkin boleh cuba nanti :)

  4. keluaran safi je mesti mek akan yakin untuk mencuba sebab setiap keluarannya akan kena dengan skin mek. boleh cuba yang ni pulak as sekarang guna oxywhite.

  5. My friends have been using Safi too and even swear their lives on it. After reading many great reviews, now I want to try it too.

  6. Menariknya produk safi yang baru ni. Macam-macam produk yang dah safi keluarkan. Bolehla survey nanti

  7. wah. safi dgn produk baru yg hot ni. merah gitu.
    berbaloi. sgt sesuai utk myself lah ni.
    now, semakin byk produk skincare yg mengutamakan warga 40an. bagus!!!

    1. Aduihhhh...warga 40an semua vogue vogue gitu hahah

  8. Produk safi memang sesuai dengan smeua jenis kulit. Saya dari dulu pakai safi memang serasi dengan kulit muka.sekarang dah ada safi youth ni nanti nak try lah

  9. wah produk safi terbaru. patut la nampak iklan dalam tv dua hari lepas. mesti lagi bagus & berkesan nak rawat masalah kulit muka kan

    1. Yup! they are ada banyak range. Sila pilih yang sesuai dgn kulit

  10. Kita suka guna produk daru Safi. So far semua pun takde masalah. Tingin lak nak try yang ni, nampak benefit nya sesuai dengan kehendak skin kita

  11. Safi is indeed a good product that is affordable and like by every women of all ages.Like the product too.

  12. Safi keluar produk barublagi? Pantas betul dorang ni buat produk baru. Rasanya baru je keluar ritu. Tapi ni mcm nice je.

  13. Safi ada produk ni dah. Bestnya. Jenama ni fav ruby. sebab formulasi dia bagus. Nanti nak cuba siri yang ni. Eye bag dah sekilo. Nak kena gigih jaga kecantikan. Hehe


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