Monday, March 9, 2020

Cloud 9 New Berry Twist Has A Very Satisfying Flavour

I am still in Cloud 9, a box of chocolate reached me at 11pm when I was craving for a night chocolate snack. As far as I remember Cloud 9 Classic taste is caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated with rich chocolate.  Plus another signature taste of caramel, cereal, crispies and peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate really something a bar of craving chocolate satisfied.

This year 2020, Cloud 9 has a new flavour addition a New Berry Twist chocolate. When I have the first bite of this new Cloud 9 flavour, I really can't get enough with just one bite.

If I would describe to you in words on how this new berry twist Cloud 9 taste? 

Well... imagine a bar of chocolate indulgent of rich milky chocolate-filled layers of sweet caramel, soft nougat, full of nutrition almond, crunchy nuts and a burst of flavourful raisins and tangy cranberries.

Since I am an avid traveller - not necessary abroad, it can be stuck in the traffic jam, this new Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut is a perfect companion to satisfied your hungry pang or snacking urge.

In short, I am confident to say this new Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut is really satisfying explosion chocolate indulgent!

In conjunction with this new chocolate bar, Cloud 9 introduces its #OldWorldCharmWithANewTwist campaign that celebrates the 'ol days made better with a new twist. Just like our favourite childhood games but with a modern twist to make them not only memorable but more exciting and relatable today. It the same with our fashion mix and match of vintage clothing with the latest styles!

Most of us loved Cloud 9 chocolate bar but now it has a modern twist with exciting fruit and nut berry twist.

Good news to all Cloud 9 lovers! You can try this delicious New Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut as well as take a walk down to memory lane by revisiting old world charm at Cloud 9 roadshows. On top of that, there will be special Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut truck making its way around Klang Valley. Don't forget to stop by their roadshows and visit the truck to have your first bite of this awesome flavourful chocolate. For a short period, you can get Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut at an introductory price.

For further details on the whereabouts roadshows and trucks location, please get an update at official Cloud 9 's  Facebook Page.

With this new addition, Cloud 9 now has five chocolate bar variants :

  • Classic - Caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated in rich chocolate
  • Plus - Caramel, cereal, rice crispies and peanut wrapped in rich chocolate
  • Overload - caramel and soft nougat stuffed with a load of peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate
  • Crispies - Wafer bar wrapped in chocolate and packed with peanuts, rice crispies and caramel; and don't forget its wafer cubes option, Cloud 9 Wafret Twins, coated with chocolate and filled with either vanilla, chocolate or kaya pandan flavoured cream

Here come the latest addition Fruit and Nut with its timeless combination of satisfyingly rich chocolate, crunchy nuts and fruity tanginess waiting for you to try out!

Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut is available in two sizes: A single-serve bar RM1.20 and Buddy pack with 12 big bites at RM6.50 which you can share with family and friends.


  1. Loved chocalte too and never resist one if someone offers haha but not sure whether have tasted this one tho but I think I have ...

  2. Dulu masa sekolah memang makan cloud 9 ni tapi packaging dulu kecik. Suka rasanya.

  3. suka sangat Cloud 9 dari kecik dulu...jadi satu habit, bila dapat Cloud 9, akan hidu dulu puas-puas bau dia baru makan...dah macam orang high pun ada kalau tengok..haha!

    definitely will try this new flavor too! nak pergi beli sekarang gak!

  4. haven't tried this.
    cloud 9 ni sesuai utk hikers.
    my husband will buy dozens of cloud 9 if ada aktiviti naik gunung.

  5. nampak macam sedap.. harga pun boleh tahan juga murah..

  6. My fav ..tapi i biasa makan yg biasa punya (plastik coklat).. sedap dan murah

  7. Kat rumah ni ada lagi satu paket tak makan..masa mula2 beli dok tamak nak beli byk2..hahaha. Memang sedap..tapi tak leh selalu makan

  8. Eh Sis baru makan hrtu, beli kat Shell..memang sedap ni...lagi sedap dari yang Cloud9 sedia ada tu heheheh

  9. I suka makan cloud 9, tapi i suka yang warna coklat..wah ni belum try lagi..baru erk..kene cari ni

  10. Wah coklat cloud 9 ada perisa baru. Nampak sedap. Nanti nak cari jugalah nak try cliud 9 baru ni. I memnag suka coklat

  11. My fav childhood chocolate. I suka sangat. Tapi dah lama takda promosi kan. Chocolate tu ada je di kedai runcit. Dah tiba masa mereka lakukan sesuatu dengan buat beberapa flavour baru mcm ni. Nanti nak pi cuba lah. Hehehe.

  12. wah, I memang peminat Cloud 9! Baru tahu ada flavour baru, tak pernah jumpa lagi kat kedai.nnt jmpe pasti nak beli dan try perisa baru ni. nampak menarik!

  13. wah sekarang dah ada flavor fruit and nuts la boleh la try dari kecik memang addicted gila dengan cloud ni hahaha

  14. Wan sedap ni. Dh Lama tak Mkn coklat ni


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