Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Free Korean Drama and Korean Show Website List

Our PM has announced to the 'restricted movement control' from 18th to 31 March 2020 due to Covid 19. Most of us require to either 'Work From Home' or just 'Stay At Home'. For those who are require to 'Work From Home', please don't complaint. At least you still get paid during the period. For some unlucky who unable to work from home they were told to go for unpaid leave. You can't blame the company since you are working with a profit organisation, not a charity organisation. By law, they can do that except for certain level according to employment law. For those unfortunate people who go for unpaid leave, you shouldn't complain too. Why? At least you still have job waiting for you after the period is over. Think about the people who lose their job due to job redundancy and others. You are still blessed for sure! Stop complaining....you should have some savings to sustain for 14 days salary cut if you have been living a responsible working adult life. Enough nagging and self-realization. Here comes...the list of free home entertainments.

I bet it will be very boring and distressing for some of us to just stay home, right?
For those who have Netflix or Iflix, blessed you. But some of us who choose not to pay for such subscriptions, please find some Free website for Kdrama and KShow for you to enjoy during your stay at home days. You can enjoy your favourite drama and show free here. I just list down my top 3 websites and plus one bonus website.

1. Dramanice

You can watch Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Japanese, Chinese mainland movies, dramas and some variety shows here. For me, it is easier to use Dramanice compare to other free websites since they don't play too overwhelming ads except for their display ad which is no longer visible if you put the video on full screen. As for the pop-up ad, you can just cancel it before the video begins. Just click on the Dramanice title for the link.

2. MyAsianTV

If there is something wrong with the Dramanice website, I will watch on this site. I put this as second since they will make you watch 2 ads before the show or drama started. Sometimes their server isn't that stable and makes the video lagging. But that's very rare. Other than that, this site is fine too since they are up to date especially for those who are following the drama and variety shows. Here they have drama, movies and shows for your stay-at-home entertainment.

3. DramaCool

I seldom watch here but they are the same as both Dramanice and MyAsianTV. I will use this website if there is a problem with both Dramanice and MyAsianTV. But so far no problem at both. I would say this website are very up to date just this one takes too long to load. I hate it! I don't put the link here since it may ruin my blog. You can just google DramaCool and click on that link.


4. KShow123

If you love Korean variety shows....you can count on KShow123. On this website, you can enjoy free Korean variety shows and laugh die with your favourite shows.

Please follow their Facebook because sometimes they will move their website address elsewhere and the link here will no longer be useful.

If you are working from home, please take a break sometimes and get some entertainment to prevent you from getting a silent depression during this social distancing period.
Since this is not a lockdown, so you can drive out once in a while but please avoid places with many people. Don't overeat and try to do some simple stretching and exercise daily.

We can get over this together and prevent this virus to spread wider. Hope this article helps. 

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