Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How The Movement Control Order Extension Effect to Malaysian People ?

Warm up the Car Engine and Check on Mailbox

I woke up this morning with a sound of 'sore throat' car engine. It seems like the owner is trying to start the engine but failed. In the end, the car owner ditched the car. This reminds me of my own car which I have been ditching for quite sometimes now. Time to visit my poor 'silverbot'.

Armed with 3 ply tissues - one to press the lift button for going down, one to open my mailbox and one more to press the lift button for going up to my house. Face mask? Obviously!

I went back up and quickly head to the bathroom for a morning shower. Purposely skip it before going out. 

Movement Control Order Extended

Grab my morning coffee and check my news on my phone. WTH! The MCO extend for another 14 days. I more or less expected this to happen. Since it came true, I am sad as much as other people too.

It is heartsick news for everyone. I am not talking about those family who unable to brace themselves and stay longer with their own family. You are damn lucky, you know? Some can't even see their family for quite sometimes. Those housewives who are grumbling about what to cook and what to eat. Let me tell you this, while you are cracking your head what to cook and how to please your spoilt brat at home, there are many others who can't afford to eat. Not even a piece of bread for goodness sake! They don't have a comfortable home. Forget about having choices like you do.

Stop Complaining

Wake up! Face this situation like an adult. Whatever situation you are facing in your house is something you shouldn't be complaining. 

For those who are 'Working From Home', don't even dare to complain. At least you have a job and will be earning a salary. For those whose company offer a 'pay cut' option. Take it! At least this is a way for you to support your company during a tough time. At least they don't cut you forever. You will still have a job after all this MCO is over. Please understand, as much as you have commitments to pay and so on, same with the company. The company is not a charity organization This is the time to take out some of your reserves since this is considered an emergency situation. Don't be selfish!

Self Reflection

You don't have a reserve? Well! I would say shame on you then. What you have been doing to spend recklessly and its time to do some self-reflection. Aah...don't you dare give reason to all this. Point everything back to you! Your life is your own decision! You make all this happens to you. Don't ask people to understand you, when you failed to understand yourself!


For the jobseeker, brace yourself to face this situation. Even if your company decided to cut you off after the MCO due to downsizing, don't be angry and upset. The company need time to rebuild. Get yourself ready to grab opportunities. You won't go hungry if you keep on trying and keep your faith. Stay positive and more good things will come to you. 

We are facing a global situation. Try to play your part to revive our economy domestically. Be it in your household as well as play your role for the country.

How to revive our economy?

For the company - Please hire only local people. Don't go import and hire foreign labour. Please take an example of South Korean, Japan and Indonesia. Most of their workers are their citizen.

For the citizen - Please buy locally made products and give priority to travel domestically. In this way, we will help to build up our economy. 

Don't just expect to be a receiver forever. You have to be a contributor in order to receive. Get out from your comfort zone and face the hardship to improve your life.

My dear friends! this is much better than have to face the Malayan Emergency in the year of 1948 to 1960. So stop complaining and start planning for what is next!

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