Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What Do You Need To Get A 'Soft Girl' Look?

Be gone 'VSCO Girl'! Here comes 'Soft Girl' invaded the fashion trends in social media.
If VSCO girls often use minimal makeup and like nude colour, I would describe 'Soft Girl' as peachy and pinkish

The 'Soft Girl' look innocent, girly and often look sweet and cutesy. They loved floral and heart patterns. Mostly donned with oversized sweaters and plaid skirts with heavy pinkish blush makeup on their face. Can you imagine that?

I recently, did some mind shopping at Sephora. Mind shopping? This is my own terms to replace Window Shopping. If you visit the shopping mall and visit most the stores and back home with nothing in hand, same goes when you do the online shopping. You browse the online store but end up check out with nothing. I call this 'Mind Shopping'! 

During my recent 'mind shopping' at Sephora, I listed some of the possible items to achieve 'Soft Girl' look using my imagination on my own face. 

Bear in mind, I imagine a sweet, innocent and cute girl during my shopping.

1st - Face Primer

Beauty Amplifier Smoothing Primer from Sephora Collection, RM63 is a perfect base to achieve smooth skin and also to get that flawless look when you apply the foundation. Just apply this after your daily moisturiser skincare steps. 

2nd - Foundation 

My all-time favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 Foundation, RM180. I personally use this in my daily makeup. It works really well on my skin. I love the 24-hour-wear-makeup ability of this foundation and it really helps during travel abroad or long haul flight. No need to do much touch up. Moreover, it gives good coverage too. Highly recommended since I have been using this for 6 years now.

3rd - Concealer

For those who have many flaws like me, such as dark spot you can apply this Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer, RM120. This vegan super-blendable concealer will give you full coverage with a flawless matte finish look.

4th - Loose powder

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder, RM160 is perfect after that heavy steps from 1,2,3. This easy to use loose powder, perfectly suit any skin tones. It will give you an airbrushed effect and a long-lasting silky smooth complexion effect.

5th - Eyeshadow

Since we need to achieve the sweet and peachy eye look. I love the colour selection from Too Faced 
Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection, RM205. It comes with 18 colours selection mostly peachy pinks, corals, bronze and some pops of purples. It really will give you a perfect blend for that sweet innocent eyes on our 'soft girl' look.

6th- Eyeliner

I personally bad in drawing eyeliner. I usually opt for an eyeliner that will easily glide and the tips of it are really important to me. KVD Vegan Beauty Tatto Liner Liquid Eyeliner, RM93 is simply perfect for me. I don't recommend this for the sake of mind shopping. This eyeliner is an award-winning vegan liquid eyeliner with an ultra-precise brush tip. Totally easy application for an amateur like me. You won't regret to own this one!

7th - Mascara

To imagine the look won't complete without big curl eyelashes. We don't need the fake eyelashes. Since it supposes to be a sweet look, not a doll or overly done makeup. A Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, RM135 kind of enough, since it will give you a pushes the limits of curl.

8th - Blusher

Blusher is the most important part of the 'soft girl' look. I recommend my personal favourite blusher Jill Stuart Blooming Dew Oil In Blush 01 Peony Bouquet RM180. Peony Bouquet is a good choice since it gives you the baby pinks look. You will get that instant radiant glow effect with this blusher. It will give you a sweet, shy and cute look.

9th - Lips

I am a lip balm person, but you can try out this Dior Addict Gel Lacquer 550 Tease, RM143. This Dior Addict Gel Lacquer is weightless feel and easy to wear shines glides.

The makeup would not complete without a perfect outfit. Try to be creative with your fashion. As long as you have that 'Power Puff Girl' or 'Hello Kitty' inspired. You are good! I would recommend to go for a simple solid high-waist pleated skirt with soft colours and pair it with a crop top.

Well, if you really wanna complete that 'soft girl' vibes in you, hair accessories will be perfect.  We don't want to be overly accessorized, so just clip-on some cute hair clips along your hairline.

You are in trend!

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  1. What an awesome list. I wish I can achieve this look but I'm so comfortable with my aunty style!

  2. “Mond Shopping’? Thats a good substitution for ‘window shopping” haha ... at least when we ahop we are thinking in out mond right wanna buy or not haha..

  3. Oh I see. Soft girl look nie lebih Karangkraf sama lah dgn lolita doll look eh. Ok, good information sharing. Thank you.

  4. yes. those are very important for ladies.
    mesti complete baru la nampak gojes, kan :)

  5. Sis pun suka shopping di sephora. Banyak pilihan..setakat ni byk dah beli barang makeup disana

  6. I wish to try the Soft Girl look too. must be very feminine look with all your suggested makeup items

  7. Sis tak boleh bawa gaya soft girl. Kalau skin mulus bolehla. Ramai juga yg dah pakai Octaplus ya. Later nak pi usha la lat situ.

  8. I pun suka "mind-shopping" dekat Sephora ye! :p The eyeliner u shared looks good! Nak try guna Octaplus juga lah! lagi banyak benefits ni!

  9. Not really good with make up. The best I could do is loose powder, blusher and some colored lip balm

  10. Why? Why you go and mentioned cashback + sephora - these two combinations are super lethal to me. Well, perhaps I can go check Jeffree Star’s products

  11. Setiap kali nak mekap gaya soft girl memang semua mekap ni saya pastikan ada. Tapi kan kalau dapat sama macam mekap yang you share ni lagi best kan

  12. Untungkan sekarang pompuan, soping then dapat cashback, berbaloi gak la kan beli mahal-mahal..Sis plak jenis tak pakai makeup keseluruhan, just pakai celak kening, mascara, eyeliner dan lips jer hehehe

  13. Thanks for sharing! Although I don't use some of the brands here. But still thanks for sharing! I am using Mary Kay at the moment~

  14. tak sure saya ni gaya macamana. tapi semua produk dlm ni best2

  15. Full list ya... the best part is that ad acashback... hehehehe... basically, now, whenever I buat any purchase, tak kiralah produk make-up ke makanan ke contact lense ke pendek kata semua jenis barang yang dibeli online, memang I will check on the cashback part dulu... win-win situation maaaa... kannnn... ;) nevertheless, thanks for sharing ya...


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