Thursday, April 2, 2020

How To Earn Cash While Staying Home?

We all welcome year 2020 with a shocking global pandemic which led to Movement Control Order (MCO). We are required to practise social distancing and stay at home to flatten the pandemic curve.

Thanks to the internet connection! This would not have been possible if this situation in 30 years back. I don't think we could have been this calm without the internet connection and the existence of the online market place.

I use to do online shopping as my past time hobbies. I usually browse through beauty and clothing items. I bet many did this as well. With the recent Movement Control Order (MCO), just like everyone else, I was affected by the 'panic buy' trend. I dare not risk myself to join other public queuing for the groceries

Like I said earlier, online shopping used to be my past time hobbies but now it became essential. 

Here are some tips to be a smart shopper and earns some cash during the MCO period.

1. Don't Focus to just one online Market place

I tried my luck with a few famous online shopping sites including the specific groceries store but I am not the only smart person. Look like everyone has the same thought as me. The delivery date kind of long waiting. I don't give up and keep browsing for more alternative. I came across during my search and give it a try.

How to Sign Up?

It's a free and smooth sign up process at Just enter your name and email address, then wait for the confirmation email. The new sign up will be credited with 500 points as a welcome gift and on top of that, you will receive a new member voucher discount code too.

I have browsed through the merchants in, it as variety as other famous online marketplaces too.

Essential items

Most of us are currently practising social distancing due to covid19 virus. If you are looking for suppliers to deliver fresh seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits, you can get it here. I was thinking about ordering salmon meat for the next order. 

Sanitizer and Disinfect

I bet most of us getting paranoid with Covid19 virus. Sanitizer and disinfect being swept and grab from the offline store shelf. I bet most of the well-known online market place too. You can get the disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer here at marketplace.

In general, you can get most of the items from here at marketplace. Some seller even offers free delivery if your purchase meets their terms and conditions.

2. Earn Cash Online 

Like any other marketplace, offer public who interested to earn cash online by registering as the seller. I would say this is a good opportunity for all of us especially for those who have good entrepreneur skills to start the online store here at You don't have to worry much about the monthly rent and advertising cost here. Just make sure to give the best delivery service to end customer and build a good reputation. It's a free seller registration.

3. Earn Cash While Online Shopping

I always encourage my readers to shop smart. Ensure to earn a cashback for every shopping done. You can earn up to 1.8% cashback if you shop at using OctaPlus site link. It may be a small sum for you now but trust me, this amount will grow and become you best 'piggy bank' when times in need. You can download the OctaPlus app and start earning.

OctaPlus website link: 

OctaPlus App Download link:

In conjunction with upcoming Ramadhan month, OctaPlus is running a Cashback Accumulation Campaign where you can earn up to RM40 cashback reward. You can get more information on this campaign, please stay tuned to OctaPlus official Facebook Page:  

With the Stay At Home Campaign worldwide, I would say online shopping is the responsible thing to do. There's a chance to stop coronavirus and all of us have a role to play.

Please use my referral link and add in my referral code: 77XPV9GC. You will be rewarded if you sign up within my referral link.

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