Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 03

I haven't watched the most talk about drama, The World of Marriage, yet! Reason? Seriously, this kind genre kind of disturb my mind during this MCO period. Lee Min Ho new drama, The King Eternal Monarch killed my mood on episode 1. I find that his character kind of stereotype just like any other movie. I prefer his character in 'Faith'. Maybe, I will save this for later.

I would recommend watching 'Doctor Playlist'. I love this kind of genre. The first episode is enough to tickle my heart.

For those who miss out my other entries on the learn Common Korean Drama Phrases, can click on below link.

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 02

Today's common Korean phrases are :

1. Exactly my thoughts

2. Are you kidding me?

3. Good for you!

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