Monday, April 20, 2020

South Korean Drama from Year 2018 Has Mentioned about Coronavirus

I am not sure about others but for me, the year 2020 is a gone case. Most of us have re-think on our dreams to retire early. I bet some of us may not even think working from home is a good idea anymore. Furthermore, being confined in one place for a long time may affect our mental health too. I am not sure when is this going to last and whether anyone able to develop a vaccine to cure this virus. 

My past time during the movement control order fills with a countless re-run of South Korean Drama. One of my favourite drama starred by a heartthrob So Ji Sub called Terius Behind Me or another name is My Secret Terius. This drama was aired somewhere on Sep 2018. I have watched this drama for a few time and last week was my fifth times watch this drama. This is one of my favourite drama. The storyline kind of suit my mood and never failed to entertain me.

Ironically, in the 10th Episode of this drama, they mentioned about coronavirus. The dialogues between the NIS agent and a Doctor sort of like this;

Corona Virus is the same genes as SARS, MERS. The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. During the year 2015 MERS epidemic, the mortality rate was over 20%. coronavirus is a mutant virus. Someone has tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to almost 90%.
What is more serious is that the coronavirus has an incubation period between 2 to 14 days. This virus was manipulated to attack the lungs within just 5 minutes of being exposed.
So far there is no cure or vaccine available at the moment since it is hard to develop one. However, there is one pharmaceuticals company invested a fortune to develop a vaccine and apply for a patent. The company is planning for a biochemical terrorist attack in order to increase its sales chart to a big fortune.
How could they added such dialogue in this drama if it does not exist yet? The writer may have read somewhere about this virus. Is this mean the virus has existed before? People keep it hush for some reason? Many scientist and expert strongly denied this coronavirus as a biochemical weapon. Don't tell me this virus really comes from the bat? It just weird if this is really the truth. Bat has existed ever since many many many moons. Why now? Why now? I wish can email that South Korean drama writer and ask her or him about this.
If really true the coronavirus was created for the biochemical weapon, then I will be really suspicious for any pharmaceutical company who find the vaccine.

Even The Simpsons have predicted about this pandemic accurately back then in the year 2011. As for Malaysia, our dear ex-PM has predicted a beautiful achievement in the year 2020. I was in my early adulthood during that time and the naive me, believe it all. Our Dr M has done a visionary prediction through its Vision 2020 which he tabled out in the year 1991.  The vision sounds promising and of course, Dr M is no wizard to make that happen in the year 2020. To my disappointment, I never imagine my life in the year 2020 begins like this! I bet all of us feel the same too.

Look at the bright side, we have achieved some of our dreams;

* Don't need to wake up in the morning to brave the nightmare traffic jam to work
* Most of us work from home
* Everything delivers to our doorstep with an online click
* More family time
* Increase of population by end of this year

When there is a bright side, we can't run far from the dark side too.

* Higher unemployment rate
* Economy crisis due to non-productive and everything put at a halt
* Increase in domestic violent
* More silence psychiatric patient
* Higher divorce rate
* Increase in suicidal

By now, some of us may feel like as if we are just waiting for the turn to leave the world.

Even after the MCO lift up, I don't think we will be able to live our life the same like before since there is no vaccine developed. I feel my future is rather bleak and I am not even looking forward to another year or even another month....or should I say another day too?

Trying my best to stay positive but I am just a human. I wish can develop that vaccine and make fortune out of this, haha hahaha...This will be my wildest dreams, right?

For now, I will continue to watch South Korean drama and try to relax my mind. Why think for something not even happen yet? I will just enjoy my early retirement for now.

Whether this coronavirus is a biochemical weapon or not....well...I don't care anymore. I just want to live life and leave this world peacefully with God permission, of course!

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