Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Working From Home Is The Future Trends

Working from home is nothing new these days. In fact, many companies are adopting such a method to attract more talented millennial who is famous for their life balanced lifestyles. 

What are the reasons for more companies adopting the Working From Home? There are various reason for this and some of this can be ;

1. Eliminate the long hours commuting

For me, the horror part in daily working life is bracing the morning traffic jam to the workplace. Since I can only afford a so-called home far from the city, my commuting time can be a minimum of 2 hours for one way in the usual traffic flow. In my case, working from home is always my first options but it never happens for my line of work.

2. Increase in employee productivity

To me, the productivity of each employee depends on the individual attitude. But most studies show that employee who is working from home is more productive than an employee who works in the office. Why? Maybe because of less distraction if they did it in the right environment and also most likely the employee who is working from home try harder to keep their job.

3. Talent Attraction

You can attract the best talent globally with less cost. Most people are dying to join the company with working from home flexibility. As a company who have the employee globally will give increase insights to the local market.

4. Employee attrition reduction

Most employee who was given the working from home opportunity will most likely try their best to keep the job The chances of job-hopping will be very low. Which mean an increase in employee loyalty.

5. Increased in the market insights

As a company who have the employee globally will give increase insights to the local market and gain a good positive PR out of this.

My questions here, did everyone suitable to adapt to working from the home environment? As for me, I could adapt to working from home concept since social distancing is my style of living. I am an introvert myself. Imagine an extrovert working from home with no colleagues and human contacts environment. They will die in loneliness and depression.

Flexibility is one advantage but lack of social skills may be led to a psycho among our society. So, think twice if you were offered to work from home. In the long run, is working from home suit to your personality?

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