Monday, May 18, 2020

Shop Your Designer Brand Style At Reebonz and Earns A Cashback From OctaPlus

We have been under the Movement Control Order (MCO) for more than a month now. Some of you have been continuing working from home and some has been partially commuting to work. Few of you have been affected by the current slump down the global economy and lost employment.

We basically have to adapt to this new norm in our life. No or less dining out. No more visiting shopping mall during the weekend.  Most shops have shifted their business module from the physical store to online. Due to this most of us has been doing the shopping craving satisfied through online shopping.

As we all know, we are currently in Ramadhan month and the Raya Festive season is just a week away. The recent announcement from our Prime Minister, the Raya celebration 'Balik Kampung' are not allowed and gathering should be among the family, not more than 20 people. This doesn't mean, we neglected our appearance and abandoned our yearly Raya Style shopping habit.  It's proven by overwhelming delivery batches in most courier service worldwide.

Have you heard about Reebonz?

I have known Reebonz long time ago and they are famous with a wide range of luxury products. I find that this online platform is really unique. Why? You can buy and sell designer brands at this platform. Interesting right? Don't slam on people who spend money to look luxury. In my opinion, even though if you are not that rich to buy luxury, but there is an option to shop in the right place like Reebonz.

For example, I was eyeing for this gorgeous Balenciaga Papier A6 Zip Around Bag. The price at Reebonz is RM6,740 after 15% off. I can buy this bag one lump-sum RM6,740 or by instalment plan as low at RM561.67 monthly. 
Designer items keep on changing. You can keep up with the trend too. How? I can sell back this Balenciaga bag within 3 months from the order date with a good price to Reebonz.

You don't have to spend money on the fake item to join the world of luxury. Shop with confidence for the lineup of coveted designer brands, personalized services and buying and selling options at Reebonz. It's authentic!

Reebonz is an online designer brands platform with a huge present not just in Malaysia but they are well known to those brands hunt people in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and other countries too.

Currently, there are few promotions going on at Reebonz :

Spring Sale - You can enjoy further markdowns on seasonal must-haves items up to 30% off.

Ramadhan Kareem - Get 18% off code: RAYA18 for your favourite designer brands item at Reebonz.

On top of that, you can earn you cashback for a least 1.5% if you shop through OctaPlus link. 
Whatever it is shop smart and earn well while you are doing your online shopping. How? Well, have you heard about OctaPlus?

Most of my online shopping earns be a cashback which I have been accumulated as a sort of 'piggy bank'. I will withdraw it when the time comes.

How to start earning immediately through OctaPlus?

1st Step: Go to OctaPlus official website:  or you can download the apps at this link The link is usable for both iOS and Android.

2nd Step: Register use this link and enter this code:77XPV9GC 

3rd Step: Make your first purchase through any of your favourite online stores to get RM3 to sign up rewards.

Just 3 steps and you can start earning online.

Good news to you! In conjunction with the festive season. OctaPlus is having a Raya Carnival where they are having 10% upsized cashback starting from 15 May - 26 May 2020 for 12 different stores. I am eyeing for certain items and my favourite online store is one of the stores on the list. I am so excited already!

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