Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The FOREO Secret to Never Wasting Money on Beauty Spa Package

Most women dreaming over having that kind of life where you have a weekly privilege visit to the beauty salon to pamper yourself after hard day work. For those who have experienced beauty facial pampering moment will understand the feeling on every beauty session. But for those who never experience it before let me tell you what is really like behind that close curtain.

Here's what you can expect if you visit the beauty salon for facial for the first time.

First, the beauty consultant will do the skin analysis to check on your skin condition. 

Second, no matter whether you are visiting for trial facial just is prepared mentally that the beauty consultant will drill you to sign up for the package before and after the facial session. If you're mental, not strong enough, you will end up walk out from that beauty centre with at least RM5k package sign up for over 12 months visit. Don't worry for sure you can afford that with credit card monthly instalments plan.

Third, let's enjoy the pampering moment. What is a facial regime like? You were asked to remove your clothes and change to the beauty salon attire. From my experience, it just a piece of cloth to cover up your body. Yes! you need to change to the provided disposable panties and also wear the disposable headcover for hygiene purpose.

The beautician will make you lie on the bed with all the extraction and beauty tools next to you. To me, facial treatments, in general, involve a few standard skincare steps such as makeup remover (if you apply the makeup during the visit), follow with cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extraction, mask application, massage, facial serum and facial moisturiser.

You will think that you are paying RM400++ every visit for something you can even do at home? Well, the special about visiting the beauty salon for facial treatment is the beauty products, special beauty devices and human touch. 

As you are fully aware, we are still not fully recover from Covid19 pandemic and they are still trying to develop the vaccine.  I know you will say those salons will take a proper precaution but we are all human, tho! Will you risk yourself visiting the beauty salon? 

We are talking about the era of young recession economy which is happening right now. Ask yourself do you really have that kind of money to waste just for the sake of beauty treatment?

Let me share you some secret to maintain healthy glowing skin without visiting the beauty salon. 
I am not talking about a traditional beauty skincare routine. I am introducing you to the skincare routine revolution which will save you big bucks!


Skin analysis and Massage


This small cute device is a revolution for beauty addicts. Being the first in the world to deliver 2-in-1 smart facial massage and cleansing solution from your home comfort. It has a capability to analyse your skin and personalised a unique skincare routine suits you. The device able to tracks and responds your skin condition after factoring the internal and external which includes changes in climate, diet and even water intake to optimized skin complexion.

I remember the beautician recommended me to sign up an expensive hydration treatment package for my dry skin. It's really expensive. Luna photo has a massage function. You don't need serum or whatsoever. Massage with H20 aka water is the key to smoother, younger-looking skin. This device helps you in tailoring the skin routine based on the skin's hydration levels needed.

Eye treatment


Eyecare is always an add on to the beauty treatments package. It's not even cheap which will cost you around RM100 to RM200++ per visit depends on the menu provided. You will end up with another package sign up for this. Iris was created by lymphatic eye massages practices inspiration. 
It has a unique T-Sonic™ technology which features 2 modes: Pure and Spa. It will gently massage and smoothen the eye contour. When in pure mode, IRIS will replicate the feeling of the manual massage by light tapping motions on delicate skin and when you shift it to spa mode this smart device will combine the tapping with delicate pulsations to slowly erase the sign of ageing under eyes.

Skin treatment


Again this will be another optional service if you visit to beauty centre. I had a privilege to experience this so call skin gym treatment which uses the almost similar technique for anti-ageing which BEAR™ offer. This little thing uses microcurrent and T-Sonic™ pulsations to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face and neck. It gives you a customizable microcurrent facial workouts with patented Anti-Shock System. The effect is similar to the skin gym treatment, I received from the beauty centre. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, there is increased in DIY beauty products as well as beauty regime this includes spa and beauty treatments too. Its small investment in beauty devices to keep your skin glowing and radiant without wasting too much of your cash and risk your health at the beauty salon.

Where to get all these smart beauty devices? 

Check out FOREO, who are responsible to take the beauty industry by storm with their LUNA skincare devices. They recently launch of UFO smart mask device and transformed the world of face masks by turning daily routines into a pampering ritual.

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

For Women Over 40

Lately, I was feeling lethargic and lack of energy to carry myself around. I exercise and do stretching daily without fail. What else I need to do? I was puzzled myself. I read and browse around and found out about the balanced diet and nutrition. It's impossible to take get some of that nutrition in daily diet. Especially when I am in the range of above 40 years old women who is still recovering from knee surgery. I am struggling to keep my body healthy these days.

Muscles Loss

My muscles have diminished a lot from that surgery and knowing my body who loves to accumulate fat than muscles, I definitely need to do something about this. 

Even a healthy adult can lose 8% of muscle every decade. I can imagine me? me? Gosh! I don't even want to calculate my losing percentage. No wonder!!!! I feel this way.

At age 40, women lose muscles mass twice as fast as men. Sadly, most of the loss occurs in core muscles which supports the abdomen. This is why the belly fat keeps on growing. I read if the women try to do a crash diet they will end up causes more muscle loss due to eating low calories and not using muscles. mmmmmm......what you want us to do????


I have been struggling with the metabolism for quite sometimes now. I read, after 40 the estrogen hormones level drop and cause the insulin to rise. Then the thyroid goes down which makes you always hungry and end up eating more and burning fewer calories. As for me, I rarely feel hungry. I can live without eating for one whole day. The only time I get hungrier like a 'hungry ghost' is during my premenstrual time. 

I tried to add in more vegetables in my daily diet. I avoid sugar and starchy food. I am still fat!


I consider myself having a physically healthy lifestyle. I am an early morning bird who always chirping around or should I strike off that chirping around? hehehe I started my day with morning stretching and then morning walk for around 1 hour. I did some simple cardio for 30 minutes in the afternoon. It just lately the knee condition kind of not permitted me to do the cardio. So I change to just stretching to ensure I still have and maintain the flexibility.


The key nutrients for above 40s would be the B , D Vitamins and Calcium. 

7 signs to tell you are lack of nutritions

1. Unexplained fatigue - that's me!

2. Brittle and dry hair - that's me again!

3. Ridged or spoon-shaped nails - not me. I have a pretty nails

4. Mouth problems such as cracking or inflammation at the corners of the mouth. - I have that!

5. Diarrhea - not me! my morning pass perfectly! hahhahaha don't try to imagine.

6. Apathy or irritability - yes me!

7. Lack of appetite - I thought this is good? Yes! that's me.

You can do a blood test to check which nutrients you are lacking. I have skipped my annual medical check-up for more than 2 years now. We shall see, if those 'big shot' up there announce to lift up this Movement Control Orders next week. I will sign up for one then.