Thursday, September 17, 2020

Same Day Fresh Flower and Cake Delivery in Singapore

The year of 2020 has been declared as Social Distancing era globally. We have been advised to minimize gatherings to reduce the spread of our invisible enemies. This doesn't mean we can't stay connected with our friends and clients. Some of us who are natural-born introvert doing just fine by this social isolation order but for those who are extrovert, this new norm will drive them crazy which led to psychological distress.

There are many ways to stay connected, the most guaranteed way to uplift the mood of our dear friends or love ones is by surprise event. There is no need to be physically present to organize the sweetest event to remember. All you need is to place your order with the right and trusted place.  

If you have someone you treasure and to pleased reside in Singapore, Whyzee is definitely the right place you should be looking for. Whyzee offers freshly baked cake and flower delivery Singapore.

Whyzee was born from a name combination of two passionate home bakers, Yina and Zeb. Both started off baking home for family and friends. Their sincerity in the cakes baked shown and the words of mouth have eventually lead them from a humble home-baker to baking commercially. The business flourishes to retail and eCommerce to cater to client increase demand day by day. From only 2 passionate bakers, the team now increased to more professional and passionate baker like Yina and Zeb.

Recently, instant flowers and cakes delivery has been popular in Singapore. Tapping on their expertise, Whyzee offer freshly baked cakes and flower delivery to be delivered on the same day for a surprise and last-minute event. The service caters for busy people who sometimes overlooked or forgotten special occasion. They noticed that not many bakeries in Singapore offer same-day delivery. Whyzee goes extra miles by providing islandwide 1-hour express delivery service for customers who urgently require a cake delivery Singapore.

Some of the Whyzee popular express cakes includes Chocolate Desire Cake, Mango Mousse Cake, Chocolate Brownie Cake, Tiramisu Cake. Other popular signature collections are Tripple Chocolate Fudge Drip, Ombre Rosette Cake, Banana Cake and Kit Kat Cake. If you have tried the Banana Cake frosted with whipped mascarpone from Whyzee, you will come for more. They use real bananas and no artificial flavouring added like others in the market. The combination of Cheese and banana may sound a bit beyond your imagination but the taste is to die for!

Chocolate Desire Cake

Triple Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake Slide

Bunny Cake

For vegan...worry not! Whyzee has varieties of eggless and vegan cakes just for you. Highly recommended to check out their eggless and non-diary Tripple Dark Chocolate. They also cater for those who have special dietary requirements or allergy. This is the reason Whyzee is unique compare to other bakeries. More and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle and becoming more health-conscious. All Whyzee's cakes are reduced sugar and freshly baked with no preservatives added.

8 inches cake flower bundle

9 inches cake flower dome bundle

If you are planning for a surprise event, delivering just cakes will not complete the thrill. Flowers and other gifts are a must. You can't be purchasing with few different for flowers and cakes delivery, right? That's doesn't make any sense since things need to be delivered at the same time!

Whyzee has everything under one platform for your convenient. You can check out their beautiful flower bouquet, preserved flower domes and balloons to complete any kinds of occasion. They prepare different bundles for different cake sizes for best deals. The flowers are fresh air-flown daily with each bouquet is designed and arranged by a professional florist. While the balloons are customizable to brings a unique and special experience celebration.

Since it will take some time for us Malaysian and Singaporean residents to cross-border freely, if you have someone you treasure and cherish in Singapore, make use of Whyzee one-stop solution to show you care with a personal gesture from afar. It is the best way to stay connected rather than just a Face Time session!

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