Thursday, November 12, 2020

Suddenly Out Of Detergent? Get It Delivered to You in 15 minutes


Recently, my online shopping pattern has changed a lot. Those days, I would only shop for my beauty care, clothing and food ordering.  I usually went out for groceries shopping twice a week. But now not anymore. Why? Things change drastically due to frequent CMCO.

There were these incidents which really makes me a bit paranoid to visit the shopping mall or even a small store for groceries replenishment. When govt and social media has been updated with all the social distancing, there are some people who still ignorant about this part. The first incidents happened in the famous big groceries store. I was queuing at the cashier counter when the woman approached me from behind and tapped on my shoulder saying she wants to overtake me since she only bought 2 items while myself has loads of things in the trolley. I was taken aback by her action. I immediately took a few steps back and told her off to keep her distance from me. By the way, this lady doesn't even wear a proper mask. I was lucky the cashier aware of the situation and told the ignorant lady to queue at the express lane instead. But the whole situation was enough to give me a chill to my spine. 

The second incident took place in a small grocers store just about 5 minutes drive from my home. A small store meaning the interior is really compact with rows of items arranged on the shelf. Only one person fits in one lane at one time. I just stop by to get glue for my online store wrappers. Who could have imagined,? When I was queuing to pay for my one tiny glue and one-man pop in out of nowhere. He has a cigarette in his mouth (which obviously no mask on) shoving the money to the shopkeeper for a bottle of coke. Yup! he was obviously cutting all the queue. Yes! the whole shop smells of his cigarettes too. I was officially a second smoker and exposed with all the possible lung cancer. 

This is the kind of harsh world we are living right now. The outside world is not safe for us with this kind of people roaming around. I was exposed to possible health hazardous with one trip to purchase a small glue. Recently, I was more and more careful about making any trip to purchase my groceries. 

I was very excited when FoodPanda launched a pandamart option. Early-stage, pandamart offer only pharmacy care items which doesn't attract me much. But I think the most recent, I checked, it has more partner retailers which even able to offer grocery delivery to the doorstep. There are many selections available such as beverages, dairy and chilled items, fresh produce - eggs, veggies and even fruits, snacks, ice cream, chocolates and sweets, bakery, cooking condiments and cleaning items. 

Currently, they are having a free delivery offer for pandamart. If you suddenly out of detergent or egg or even in the mood of baking but no butter to bake, you can get it delivered in just 15 minutes. I have tried this recently and it works!

Even my sister was bragging yesterday. She said the price a pandamart was as good as a usual online purchase. While you have to wait for items to reach you in a few days in usual online purchase but with pandamart the items will reach you in 15 minutes the same day. I was talking to my sister that I may opt to sell off my car because I don't need one when my age hit 55 years old. I would just get everything delivered and rely on driver for hire if I need one. This is the kind of life we are living right now. Technology changes our lifestyle this much where everything is possible to our doorstep with a click of fingers.

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