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Aik Cheong Black Drip Series Coffee Review

Best Black Coffee

Aik Cheong coffee is not a foreign brand in Malaysia. They have been established ever since the year 1955. They started a humble wooden shop along Temple Street in the Old Historical Malacca Town. Mostly dealing with trade importing coffee beans from around Asia like Indonesia, the Philippines and South America. The activities include grounding and packing the coffee manually for the local market.

I remember grew up to love the sip of 'Kopi O' from this particular brand. That was those days before I got to know the other expensive brand. I would say, trying to follow the trends to satisfy my throat to those modern days brand.

Now that, ageing is catching up to me. I find myself craving the old day's taste. Aik Cheong coffee no doubt has a great fragrance coffee. It wakes you up in the instant to that aromatic smells.

Aik Cheong brand has grown throughout generation and from the 'Kampung Coffee to the most adaptive modern style coffee catching up to the younger generation.

Recently, I was introduced to the new range from Aik Cheong called, Aik Cheong Balck Drip Series.
Aik Cheong Black Drip Series comes in four variants with each pack in a vibrant colour box. Each box has 5 sachets of drip coffee.

  • Red - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Spicy + Fragrant)
  • Yellow - Colombia Medelin (Bright + Rich)
  • Blue - Guatemala Huehuetenango (Mild + Pleasant)
  • Green - Nicaragua Jinotega (Sweet + Deep)

Drip Coffee

Quick Drip Coffee

I remember my first experience having drip coffee during my visit to Hanoi, Vietnam. It was a mix feeling drip coffee experience. Thick coffee taste and sweet with condensed milk at the bottom. I am not a big fan of sugary sweet taste for coffee. The waiting time for the coffee to completely drip really put me off.

I tried Aik Cheong Black Drip Series Coffee and it took me less than 1 minute to enjoy a fresh aromatic black coffee. It's so simple and quick. Most of all it delicious too.

Aik Cheong Coffee

Which Aik Cheong Black Drip Series Coffee is my preference?

I tasted all four variants from Aik Cheong Black Drip Series Coffee. Each variant has its own different unique taste and aromatic. I personally prefer the Green Box which is Nicaragua Jinotega. It hits the spot immediately with one sip. The smells of fresh coffee aromatic from this variant is pleasant wakes me up.🙋 Totally mood lifting. It rather has mild sourish taste than bitter like other usual coffee, I ever tasted.😃

If you asked me for the second choice, I would go for the Red box Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. As described on the box it has spicy and fragrant. Don't expect the chilli spicy but it did has a hint of mild refreshing spiciness after taste and yet delicious coffee for a morning start.😋

While for the yellow box Colombia Medelin , could be passed on anytime. I expected it as rich and bright taste as described on the box. But to my disappointment, it has a bitter and not so rich.😂

My least choice will be the Blue box - Guatemala Huehuetenango. Although it describes as mild and pleasant on the box. I just don't like the after taste bitterness which lasting on my mouth.😌

Mentioned above is just my honest opinion after personally tasted the Aik Cheong Black Drip Series. You may have a different view on each variant. Interested to get your hands on the Aik Cheong Black Drip Series?

You can get more accurate information from Aik Cheong Black official FB HERE.

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