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Miseenscene Perfect Serum Rose Edition Review


My last visit to the hair salon was before my Guilin trip in Dec 2019.  That was a long time ago. I used to do hair rebonding or relaxing on yearly basis. As you all aware we are currently facing a global virus attack. I tried as much as possible to avoid or minimize interaction with other human being or anything alive in this world. I hardly out from my home unless it is necessary. Back to my hair story. During the pandemic, I had taken matters into my own hand. I cut my hair twice during this period. One is last year turn out as a massive disaster. I was trying to follow the trends like any other people. Last year you will see many videos where people around the world tied back a ponytail and then cut it out. I did that last year but little that I know the front fringe went off as well. WTH! I hardly had any fringe in my life. I really hate the way my hair turns out at that time. Every single day is about praying for my hair to grow faster to minimize the trace of my bad workmanship. Not to mention the layering was too short and difficult to manage in my daily life. I look like a madwoman than one kawaii Japan woman style that I dreamt of. WTH!

My hair kind of fall off a lot, if it grows beyond my shoulder. My house floor is becoming like a carpet of hair day by day. I decided to take matters with my hand for the second time. Yup! no learn from the previous mistake. Regret kind of just a word without realizing it shouldn't repeat by all mean. But every day after the shower, I became like a cat with a hairball clogging my bathroom drainage. Duh!!! 

See the photo up there?
That's the result of my recent hairstylist play last week. This time, I tied two ponytails on both sides and cut them off.  The back was hair wire indeed! My scissor was a blunt one and did I mentioned that I am a lefty with no trace of lefties scissor in the house? I don't know what style is that. Totally not pleased with my own workmanship. Regret so much now. My frizzy hair makes it worst. I look totally like a madwoman!

I can't straighten it but the least I could do is to smooth if out. At first I want to get myself the hair oil but end up with a hair serum instead. Why?  There is a huge different between hair oil and hair serum.

Hair oil is mainly used to nourish and improve the health of the hair. While the hair serum is more of a styling. It add more shine and smoothen the hair. 

Since I am pretty much in denial when come to my hair health. So , I got myself a hair serum. I just want to smooth out my frizzy hair. That's all! 
So I bought Miseenscene Perfect Serum Rose Edition. Seriously? How to pronounce this brand name? I read the pronunciation of this brand goes something like this. Mise-en-scene. Thank God! I am just typing this out. I was struggling with this spelling. hahahaha
I chose the rose edition with hope my hair smells sweet like roses too.

This is suppose to be the upgraded version from the original one. Gosh! don't ask me how the original one like. This is my first time spending money for a freaking hair serum which cost me RM42.90. Heol! so expensive. As usual, Rina will complain and yet she still buy what she wants. huhuhuh
OK! word of comfort to myself. This is for the sake of me not looking like mad woman when I step outside home. kekekeke

Product claimed :

Miseenscene Perfect Rose serum claim to be an aromatic miracle oil serum that helps repair damaged tresses and perfumes strands with delicate rose fragrance. It suppose to provides intensive hair care to damaged and brittle tresses, highly enriched with nourishing and healing argan. Other powerful ingredients in this serum is camellia, coconut, apricot, marula, jojoba and olive oils for deep strands nutrients. The product claimed can transform hair from dry, rebellious and coarse into smoother, silkier and more manageable. It leaves hair looking glossy, silky (almost type out silly) and healthy.

It give a more nourished mane in 3 days.

How to apply Miseenscene Perfect Rose Serum on hair?

  • Towel dry lightly after shampooing
  • Pump out coin sized amount of this serum and even it out onto entire hair especially for the back of the head and damaged part. Then dry hair. You can blow dry your hair as usual. About the coin size amount, I don't know which coin size they are referring too. I use 10 sen , though. 20 sen too big. 50 sen will be too much, right? hehehehe
  • Once you finish blow dry the hair. Pump out a little serum onto tips and massage to the tips of strands to finish.

I did as mentioned. It did look smoother like the photo above but my hair went back wild crazy like it usual nature. Guess , my hair is one wild kid. I need to tame this out in another aggressive way, perhaps? The texture like in the photo only last 5 minutes. WTH!
I definitely not recommend this product to myself. Eh? hahahaha.....ya man! this one definitely waste of my money. It doesn't work for my hair though. Oh! may be I use the not suitable product and it totally don't serve the expectation.

Oh! another information. It did claimed you hair smells rose fragrance. Oh my God! it did smells a very very very very mild rose fragrance to the extend the smells just hit my nose in less than 0.00000000001 seconds. Then it gone with the air. Kabosh! That's it! 

The moral of this review.

Don't put too high expectation and please buy product suit the needs. Please don't waste money like me. hehehe

pssttt...if my language or spelling or grammar is out. Don't blame me. hehe Blame it on Grammarly. Not working since yesterday.

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