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Is it Worth To Stay At Lexis Hibiscus , Port Dickson?


We booked rooms which are Premium Pool Villa and Panorama Sea View Villa. The staycation was sponsored by my parent. 'Sugar Daddy' sponsored the accommodation and Sugar Mummy for our food. All 4 of us siblings plus 2 nieces and 1 brother in law just follow like the parasite. WTH!

Anyway, this stay was specifically requested by my Dad who has been longing for a family trip and all his children gather at one place. Yeah..we are sort of scattered around kind of family and hardly see each other unless special occasion. I brought my parent for a Lexis Hibiscus staycation once, that was many years ago when the place are still new and well maintained. My Dad super loves the place. I guess because they can enjoy the pool privacy kind of thing. As for me, I don't really like pool because keep thinking about how many people has been in there urinating and farting. I will just keep my detailed imagination to myself.

My third sister came to pick up from my last sis with her 5-series BMW (no need to soon. it was a loan car since she is working in that company. Anyway, she is serving notice after 10 years of slavery at BMW. So this is sort of our last chance to take a BMW car. WTH!

Where to lunch at PD?

We started our journey at 10am. Met my first sister and her family at lunch place, called TapaqKing Ikan Bakar, Port Dickson. My first sister's family was waiting for us there. If you ask about the food there, my honest review will be......I won't visit them again for the second time.

TapaqKing Ikan Bakar, Port Dickson honest review

The food was OK but not so great that I want to repeat it again. They serve a variety of grilled fish, squid, masak lemak udang galah, soup and many more Malay dishes. Ample parking and spacious set up to dine in. But I was put off by the cleanliness. The tray and cutleries were dirty. It was raining the night before, the chair was wet. I requested the worker there to wipe it for me but it took too long for just one cloth. I was waiting there at the table until my sister offered me a tissue to wipe it. So, in conclusion, I won't return to TapaqKing due to the cleanliness of the tray and cutleries. There are many flies too. Urghhhh!!!! right after I have mild diarrhoea even before reaching Lexis. Lucky not the heavy one! isk isk isk. Oh! I have no complaints about the pricing but definitely above average kind of pricing to manage expectations. I won't come back again! You can try soft serve ice cream as a dessert. 

PD Water Front

Since we still have time before the check-in, so decided to bring our parents to visit the waterfront. End up sitting in the Starbuck PD Waterfront for some dessert. My first sister and her family didn't join us due to a car technical problem. She just bought the car but the technician who did her first service was so reckless leading to some engine oil leakage. 

Lexis Hibiscus during the social distancing era

We reached Lexis at nearly 3pm. The checked-in process is quite fast and easy since I have emailed all the documentation needed 2 days before. The documents needed - IC photocopy of all guests, health declaration form fill up. Just make sure all guests have fully vaccinated accordingly. 

If you booked a Premium Pool Villa and others just check in at the lobby. My other room was the Panorama Seaview Villa has to be checked in at Lighthouse. Just take the buggy and show them the booking voucher to go to the lighthouse. The Panorama Seaview Villa is entitled to 2 hi-tea at Lighthouse. Which I went to enjoy it alone since the rest of my family was busy diving in the pool. kekekekeke...It was training though!

Food at Lexis Hibiscus, PD

If you asked me to review the Lighthouse doesn't really worth the price. But since it's included inside the package booked, so no choice lor..

The waiter tried to sell me the breakfast package at Lighthouse. But for me who calculate every single thing, think it's not worth it. Lighthouse breakfast package at RM70/- per pax. Ala carte with choices of Nasi Lemak or American Breakfast / Waffle set. WHAT????? I rather don't take breakfast or if hungry just drink coffee. The panorama Seaview room only comes with a buffet breakfast for 2 at Roselle Cafe. I gave it to my parent to enjoy. My parent said the buffet breakfast was ok but the coffee and tea taste sucks!

Dinner at Lexis Hibiscus, a bit disappointed since the Roselle Cafe only allow BBQ buffet customer to sit in to dine.The price for a BBQ buffet dinner at RM90/pax. Siau weiiiii!!!! there are 9 of us in the family. Even our 'sugar daddy and sugar mummy' 'Tarik diri' from sponsorship when they heard the price. kakakakaka... Lucky, we can still order a la carte menu for room service. The price we paid was around RM200 plus for the not so good taste food. Anyway, our 'sugar mummy' commented, waste of her sponsorship. hahahahaha..Which all of us agreed!

Lexis Hibiscus Room

Talk about room cleanliness... If I were to rate them, it will be 2 stars out of 10. Seriously, the housekeeping and maintenance need to buck up. The class door was stained with lots of fingerprints. Then the shower room water flow isn't going down properly. The Panorama Seaview room which we paid for RM1,458 per room doesn't work properly. End up we have to shower in the bathtub. The Premium Seaview room booked comes with a very bad phone. We have a problem with paging for the buggy ride. We need that though because my parent can't walk far. My mum is in a wheelchair. The same goes with the furniture really old. The bedding make my back hurt badly. The whole place is run down pretty bad. It doesn't worth our money paid for the room at all.

All of us just can't wait to check out from there. Check out from Lexis Hibiscus was easy breezy. Just need to drop the key card inside the box. 

Lunch at Hayyan Huda Opah's Kitchen , Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

We were glad to choose this place for lunch. The road to this place is kind of challenging. Narrow and hilly road. But if you would like to try Negeri Sembilan authentic dishes, you can come here. The price is much more affordable and the place is clean plus the food was good too. But beware, the Negeri Sembilan dishes are always super spicy. They are famous for 'Masak Lemak Cili Api' or the 'Yellow Curry'. Advisable to go early. The place was packed with people even at 12 noon sharp!

At least we end our staycation with a good lunch. Not that bad after all!

If we ever visit Port Dickson again, Lexis Hibiscus don't deserve our money. We will try other places.

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