Monday, December 13, 2021

Will I Be Able To Get The Right Booster?


I received a notification from MySejahtera App for the third booster shot on the 5th of Dec 2021. I made a call to the designated medical centre to inquire about the booster brand. They told me it will be the 'Pz' brand. My first 2 doses were 'SinV'. I was contemplating for a few days on to go or not to go. Should I gamble on my body or not. Really worried about the side effect. My first sis who is working in the hospital advised me to get the same brand shot since my body condition isn't that great. Since she is the frontline, so she has gotten all three shots and at 'Pz' all the way.

When I read the news, the KKM recommended mixing 'SinV' with 'Pz'. To be honest, I don't really have faith in the authority advice. Those people won't take any responsibility if things got to mess up when they affect my health. I need to trust my own gut feeling on making the decision. By the time you read this line, you should have understood how messed up my feeling is, right now. I don't know what is right what is wrong!

On the night of 4th Dec 2021, I decided to reject the appointment scheduled for the reason 'I couldn't make it. 

They should have provided space for me to write down my own reason. Which I would write, my preference and concern. It's my health for goodness sake!

Then on the 11th Dec 2021, I received 2nd invitation for the appointment at the same place for the 14th Dec 2021. They sent out the notification via SMS at 3am. WTH! I would say the idiot who set up the notification is some no brain people. 

I made a call just now with the hope they have 'SinV'. I received another disappointing answer. Sorry Miss, at this moment we only have the 'Pz' brand. I immediately cancelled the appointment with the reason 'Not Well' for this time. 

Now you see our authority style of working? They are like knocking their head on the wall a thousand times. Then make a conclusion we are against the booster shot!

They will never find out the real concerns. I don't like my body to become a cocktail glass. Mix this shot and that shot in one. I do not sort of a 'guinea pig' for some people or even someone to help you complete your KPI.

Why I don't pay for my booster shot at a private clinic? If other people can get it free, why do I need to live in this country being discriminated against to this extend? I haven't received any single sen support ever since lost my job 2 years back. I am still a loyal taxpayer now. I declared every since things. What do I get? Understand my feeling?

They can schedule for another 100 times, I will only respond positively until you match the right booster shot for me. I heard they will change the vaccination status in MySejahtera next year if still don't get it. Not sure about this but if they do, I will stay put at home until they give me 'SinV'.

For goodness sake, this is my health and life you are playing with. 

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