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Friday, August 15, 2014


If you're an Arden fan then you may interested to read further.
This is not a new product from Arden. It has been in the counter for quite sometimes. It just recently, I get the opportunity to try this fella.

This Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum is totally recommended no matter what is your skin types, you can be oily,combination and dry.
Visible Difference Optimizing Serum helps to repair and replace damaged cells so quickly that you'd have a continuous, healthy glow.

Seriously, with this current global climate change (it goes hair wire recently), our skin really needs a little help.

This advance treatment formula with exclusive retinyl complex skin's clarity and texture and contains a stabilized form of vitamin C to help increase skin's collagen production and it evens skin tone and brighten up complexion.

IMA really love this one because it has no weird smell and texture wise, it's super light silky creme gel that would work well with any type of moisturizer.

IMA use this for a week and notice the uneven skin tone balance up a bit.
ONE Week only you know!!!!

If want better effect need to use this in long run.
Then you be able to achieve good result to your skin!

Wanna know where to get this item?

You can check it out at any Elizabeth Arden Counter le.

***pssssttttt!!!! this is not a sponsor review.

Happy weekend to all netizen!!!!

I am going for Melvita Anti Ageing product experience workshop tomorrow!!!!