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Friday, January 8, 2016


Guest what? 
I have a chance to meet with hallyu Kpop Star at Chiangmai Airport.
I was waiting for boarding time on 6th Jan 2016 at Chiangmai Airport and notice there was too many girls with placard like waiting for some star.
I thought it was Thai Celeb but after asking around...found out Jackson and Bam from boy group GOT7. WTH!

This Noona originally wanna pretend like one cool Noona. FAILED!!!!

But...when the security brought this two gentlemen up next to where I was sitting...can't help it...Whoaaaaa!!!!!!!!

This Noona...went out of her mind. Got suck up to all those die hard hysterical girls fan. 

Jackson even wave to my video shoot. WTH!!!!
Great fan service, Jackson! Thank you Thank you

This Noona...can die with happiness!!!

Click the video to witness my joy. Oh! did I mentioned this is original video shot from my Samsung Note 3 on 6th Jan 2016. 

Copyright of this video goes to If anybody wanna to re upload this video please email me for permission. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am not ashamed to admit my kpop craze even at this old age.
Gosh! I have been living listening to them and just can't get over it.

I started listening Big Bang for their hitz song 'Haru Haru' which mean 'Day by Day'.Another catchy hitz song from them is 'Blue' and 'Lie' I am their fan until now. Can't compare Big Bang with another Kpop group 2PM or 2AM since they are totally in different genre.

Plus point for Big Bang is they have Multi Talented Song writer with the most copyright song ,G Dragon in their group. They have talented rapper TOP, great vocalist Taeyang, funny variety show star Daesung and sleazy joker Seungri.

After 3 year absence they make a comeback with new album MADE SERIES.  Their new MV 'Loser and 'Bae gain so much interest from fan all over the world with more than 37 million and 27 million view respectively. DAEBAK!!!!

Both song showed talent by blended bad boy hip hop with emotional boy band melodies. They are becoming more matured now. Most of their fan is grown up adult now and most have experience up and down in live. Those two song basically show Big Bang members feeling in life. We saw them with glamorous fashion and most money but deep inside after all the attention on stage they are lonely in the inside.

If you have not watch their new MV Bae and Loser yet don't be surprise if you watch it with lots of sexual move in those video.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


No doubt the Hallyu Waves is HOT around the world and Malaysia can feel the heat too ever since Winter Sonata, Full House, Boys Over Flower, My Love from the Star and many others to list down. 
IMA one of those crazy Ajumma (head down, I am one old woman Hallyu Waves Fan) ...joining all those Gen-Y fans jumping up and down to Hallyu Waves.
CN Blue, Big Bang, FT Island, B1A4, Beast, EXO, MBlaq are among this Ajumma long list favourites. 
Korean Cultures totally influence my lifestyle too!
Gosh! this Ajumma....isk isk isk

I am happy to give this shout out!!!! 

Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) will be organising an exciting event called K-Festival @ Pavillion KL ,Malaysia dedicated for local fans of the Hallyu or Korean Wave this 8th - 10th August 2014. It is during weekend everybody!!!!
Golden Triangle will be damn pack and congested with all those Hallyu fans!!!!

For those who are not into the waves....AVOID this place during these period and for fans.....let us crash K-Festival and join the crowd!

 KTO aims to ignite hallyu fans' K-imagination with a thrilling showcase of Korean Food, Culture Art, Performance, Technology and Shopping from 8 - 10th August 12014 at Pavillion KL, Centre Court.

The opening ceremony will be attended by participating brand and media partners, the K-Festival @ Malaysia event conceived to set the imagination alight through stimulating Korean-Centric experiences such as special K-Tour packages, K-Pop performances, K-Culture, K Food, K Beauty and K Fasion.

There will be many events waiting for all Hallyu Waves Fan.

Fan can expect special appearance by 'Haroro' aka Haha, one of famous Korean Reality show Running Man cast , K-Pop band MBLAQ and participants from the K-Pop cover dance competition : MyKTQ2014 Finale - Malaysia Dance Competition will also thrill crowds with their well-choreographed moves.

For those interested to meet HAHA aka Haroro in person, special registration required to join the Haha-Meet the Fans session (limited to 100 persons only)

If you are planning to visit Korea soon....this is good chance for you to get more information before head to Korea and make your trip more memorable and exciting!

K-Festival 2014 Malaysia Event Schedule :

If you require more details, please contact KTO:

Telephone : 03 2072 2515
Email :
Address : Korea Plaza, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Website :
Facebook :

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I eat less chicken for 2 years now.
If I have any other choice , I wouldn't want to choose chicken or meat.
I eat more fish or seafood but most of the time more fish and veggies in my daily diet.
Fruit not so much because I only eat certain type of fruits and it is seasonal one.
Chingu said too expensive taste.
Yeap! guess what???
IMA only eat fresh cherries and apricot. So snobbish la this woman!
Not really...reason behind it because these two fruits taste nice and no need for me to peel or what so ever. What about strawberries???
Huhuhuhuh this reason will make you wanna throw up!!!!
I only eat Korean strawberries in Korea.WTH!!!
Throw up pleaseeeeee!!!!
Malay community will call me 'Perempuan tak sedar diri'! huhuhuhuh..
Whatever!!!! My personal preference!
As long as I am happy!

I really miss the taste of Korean food.
So one weekend ask Chingu to treat me for korean food. At least at Dubu dubu has quite reasonable price food. I ordered this Herbal Soup Chicken set and Pajeon.
I don't finish this by myself.I only eat 2 - 3 spoon.
Chingu finished most of  the food!!!!
pppssssstttt!!!! That is why .....he need to pay for the food.
Hope Chingu don't read this blog! kekekeke

Then went to Seoul Mart to re stock my Banchan stock in the fridge.
I love Burdock kimchi and the black bean, reason?????
I normally cook rice with both in mixed together in my rice.
Serious, my rice seasoned well like this.
No need any other side dishes also can.
This time I bought something new....Chives Kimchi.

Isetan is having Korean food fair...seriously, cannot beat Seoul Mart @ Sri Hartamas!

Seoul mart ajussi!!! please give me some discount next time...