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Why Skin Hydration is Important?

Hydrate! hydrate! that's the word the beautician keep telling me during my visit to facial treatment before MCO. At that point my thinking always..."I drink plenty of water what? What's the problem?" Well, the beautician obviously were talking about my skin hydration. As the ageing process, it is natural for our skin to lose up some of the essential nutrition just like our body too. Dehydrated skin occurs when there's a lack of water in the skin. Not like you can feed your skin with water, right?  How the dehydrated skin looks like? Well, the dehydrated skin usually looks dull and show premature signs of ageing such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. You can easily tell on the dehydrated skin if you notice some of the symptoms below : * More sensitive fine lines and wrinkles start to appear * You skin feel itchy * Dull skin  * Dark under-eye circles or your eyes always look tired and sunken. Still unable to tell? You can do the simp

Fermentation Technology Korean Skincare series by Haruharu

My K drama craze introduces me to Kimchi and Ramyeon. I fall in love with Kimchi to the extent even try to make them at home. But...I was not advisable to eat cabbage due to my health condition. So I eat Kimchi only occasionally. Kimchi is loaded with lots of Vitamin since it gone through a fermentation process which produces "healthy bacteria".   But a few years back I have been reading the cosmetics industry has adapted the fermentation process to create better skincare. Does fermented skincare work? I read skincare brands use the fermentation process claim they have two benefits : 1. Fermentation process breaks down ingredients into a smaller size which make it easier penetrate into the skin. 2. It produces minerals and good nutrients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids. I recently attended product launching by Haruharu Malaysia and have the liberty to try out skincare uses fermentation technology.  Incorporation world-class and environmentally friendly t

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