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Cheater Weighting Machine

Guess what? I have been worried sick for the past few month due to my 5 kg increase out of sudden. I did not eat much. I do some stretching and yoga but my weight still at that 5 kg increase. Really freak me out. I thought may be due to my old age and my metabolism getting slower. I tried so many remedies and herbs to increase my metabolism. My weight just stuck there at 5kg increase . Until last night.... I weight myself again... still there at 5kg increase. Very piss off and disappointed , i am trying to be violence , so I lift up the weighting machine raise higher then I notice.... Aiksss!!! why is it that needle start at 5kg and not at 0kg??? Then I realise the needle need some adjustment. Sorry! my dear weigthing machine... My bad! I have been very ignorance on your condition these few years. I feel relief then... Not that heavy yeh!!! I still can eat my favourite seafood??? I will treat myself after get myself a digital weighting machine... Hihhihihi... Oh !!! I stil

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