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Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go is always a recruitment day!!!!! Today started my 1st recruitment day. We are looking for candidates to fill in 3 positions in our company: 1. PA to SVP 2. Admin Executive 3. Receptionist cum Admin Assistant Response from the applicants is great but the quality is sucks!!! These candidates just whack and click apply although they are not qualified or over qualified. I had 3 candidates came in today. My receptionist candidate came in with jeans and light brown contact lense. Another receptionist came in with after smoking smells and very transparent baju kurung revealing her black push up bra. My last candidate for the day is for PA position. Unfortunately, when she start talking her eyes keep looking up and left and right ? Am I too ugly to look at? I was wondering until now. Next week Mon - Fri is back to back recruitment. Jia you!!! Well the politician still with his own politics trying to find alliance here and there but I just entertain him. For the dog keep bark

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