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Hehehehehe long title huh???   The other day when I went got Health Screening...there few funny incidents...   Scene 1   Doc : Hi! Good Morning! Me : Oh! Good morning to you! Doc : So...where are you going to study???? Me : Huh???? (puzzle look) Doc : Yeah! normally young people like you come for medical check up to go oversea study... Me : hehehe..Doc...check my birth of date first...then you know why I came here...hihihiihi.. Doc checked the form... Doc : Wow!!! you almost same age with me???? Me : hehehehe...ageing medical check up.. Doc : you look young... Me just go hihihihihih...   Scene 2   Doc : beautiful!!!! Me : What beautiful??? Doc : Don't you see that??? you ovum and your 'V'??? Me...trying my best looking at that X ray image in front of me... Me : huhuhuhuh...beautifulllllll!!! Yeah!!! like a fool ...I said that word....hell!!! can't see what so beautiful about my ovum and 'V'.WTH!!!! On

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