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Friday, September 11, 2009

What for dinner?

Tonight seriously sad case.
Reached home around 8.30pm.
Seriously don't know what to eat.
I drank plain water on the way back home.
Don't know where to stop to buy my dinner.
I feel sick to eat mamak food again.
I settle with 2 pieces of Munchys Dark Chocolate Biscuits and one mug of hot green tea.
Feel hungry again but just feel like no appetite at all.

Tonight! crash study on products.
Tomorrow my plan change suppose to send car for servicing but end up with early business appointment at Cheras Mahkota.
Praying hard for Miri potential sign up under me.
At least when I go for interview they will notice on my expanding network and outstanding potential.
Gambatei Cindyrina!!!

God! please let me have this one... dead or alive!!!

Too busy these days..
Finish up my assignment then busy prepare for my exam coming Oct then busy with my interview....

Hardly can eat properly and breathe properly...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Weekend

I finished my 1st assignment last Saturday and submitted on Sunday morning.
Now I have one more to go.
Hope to finish off by this Friday.
I am still in honey moon period hahaha yup! got carried away since finished one assignment.

My purse does my handbag :(
Yesterday visited Sg Wang to get one purse.
LV hahaha dont really want to get LV but somehow bought it and only realise its LV.
RM30 worth of LV what the heck! hihihih fake LV!!!
Can't get bag that i wanted ,so no handbag settle with old old one from my box.

Thought of going to Food Republic @ Pavillion for my favourite Ipoh Curry Laksa.
Somehow too full of people and got no place to sit at all.
I remembered my friend Brandom open one 'Little Ben' @ Pavillion .
Walk towards 'old town' and found my friend's restaurant there.
mmm love the set up.
Very nice!
I settle with Nasi Dagang and Sailor Mee and also lemon grass tea.
The food was marvellous!

Right now! I just got carried away and entertained myself with Hana Yori Dango and on and off sneak out to watch my Boy before Flower.
How i wish my life like theirs!!! in the movie...

Ah! back to reality...
Recruitment day 4???
ah! whole week meeting all those candidates...
Jia Yor Jia Yor Cindyrina!!!!!! Gambatei!!!!

My report not done yet!!!!!!!

Ah! how i wish can just snap my finger and everything there for me!!!!
Wake up!

Next week! meeting up another potential!!!
haha not prince charming but business purpose... my future!!!!!
Prince Charming??? still waiting... lady like me nobody interested!!!!
Too clumsy! and not that smart!!!

Gambatei, Cindyrina!!!!!
Live life too the fullest before reach 40 years.... 5 more years to go..
This 12th October is d Day I turn 35 years!!!!! ah!! older older... sick thinking about this... how time fly...and never realise...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Between Study and Work

These few days, my life is upside down...
I am in between of study for my next class.
Then I need to do my assignments.
My workload become tripple and end of the month coming up!

The most important in the world at this time is to study for my next interview and do THE BEST BUSINESS PROPOSAL.
This is for my future.
I only have one chance...

I have to work for this. I have to make sure I do my VERY VERY BEST!

I feel not enough time for myself right now!
Hopefully this is a worth it sacrifice!

Although I feel very tired but I have no choice to force myself.

Dinner for tonight?
Whatelse? feel like eating maggie but have to stick with my diet no dinner.
JUST PLAIN WARM WATER uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

I need to loose weight, badly!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Head Drilling Session@ Cyberview

Here goes my Saturday...
Not a lift up hips but a lift up headddd...
A day at Cyberviewlodge Resort. I love and thankful for this opportunity to tour around this beautiful place.
However, spend a day stuck in the room listen to so called successful people talk... yeah I pick up what I feel right for me! But hell not all. Anything relevant the rest is just a boast for me!!! I am bit stubborn here...
Idea to eliminate family and friends are too much though!
I may want to be selfish to get to the top but my heart is not that cold !

I love the earlier part of the talk and show on RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki!
Learn a lot and I am definate want to practic the formula....
I dont want to be rich but I just want to have enough money to do what I always want to do...

Back home I am tired. I want to dozz off now and wake up early and work on my unfinished business (my apple assigment) hope can come out with my 1st draft tomorrow.
OK ! I will determine to finish it tomorrow. Lock myself at home to get thing done!
I am foreseeing for very headache and busy Monday!!!!

Here are my snapshop at Cyberview Lodge Resort... got a chance to pamper myself at 'Sembunyi Spa'. Hope to come back there for Sauna and Jacuzzi and better massage stroke... should have choose 'Shiatsu' instead of 'Balinese'. They pour too much oil... yeah!!!! pour i mean pour... so so oily make me so uncomfortable...
Overall... I love the place because so green and love the scenery... beautiful and breathtaking....

Back to reality ... assignment assignment and exams coming up....
I am tired and tired ... worry on my 17th July Doctor appointment... hope he don't suggest for an operation :(...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Apple Inc Part 1

This morning I was driving with one eye open due to my contact lense came out. My eyes too dry.Is so difficult and scary. Thank God! manage to reach office safely.

Last night, I am suppose to start my analysis on SWOT, Value Chain, PESTLE and many other tools that I had learned in my Competitive Strategy class on Apple Inc.
Yeah! need to complete that by this Sunday and send over to turnitin and get the cert. then can submit on 10th July 2009.

Worst thing! I end up staring at the computer blank and don't know how to start... I suppose to think about Apple Inc. but end up think about Apple as a fruit. Isshhh! for 3 hours sat there with all apples flying above my head.

How to start?

Even this morning I am in the office I still don't have any clue on how to start. I will try again tonight and think hard about this when I am driving back tonight.
I am also very worried on my coming Saturday presentation. Ah! for the sake of getting the salary at the end of the month. I will give my less best shot! Hope I can find better path after my MBA.

I still find all this 'Kick Off' thingy totally waste of everybody's time and weekend. I don't know. I have a bad feeling on this Saturday to be a total flunk!

However, I will try to put up my best fake face to these people. Yeah! DRAMA again. Hate this though!

Oh ya! talk about presentation. I still trying to find way to start the power point for my talk.
I don't feel nervous for this presentation because I know what its all about. Don't need that note though.
I can just go bla bla bla bla on the systems for this sytems for that! We talk and do nothing about it.Yeah! stop me stop me and I will still bla bla bla hehehehe . This is when Rina go over border!

time to start work ! another busy day ...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Reached home very late on Friday night. Attended this Malaysian Media Awards 2009 at Shangri La. Anyway, Shangri La again??? Never!!! The quality of food sucks!!! not like before...even the service not like 5 star. I don't fancy going to all this function. But since this is part of my job.. gotta go meaning gotta go eventhough you are freaking tired. You have to put up you drama smile to everybody. Ah! so freaking fake!!! Have to put up a smiling face eventhough the person beside you have a very heavy liqour smell on his breathe ... Yeah ! Guiness the main sponsor.. damn!!! hate it when I am sober and the rest almost unconscious! Pepole shouting screaming yelling of happiness ... is it true or just because they are freaking drunk! I don't know!!! I am glad when things ended yeah the winning team will stay on and party till the dawn.. Me? what the heck to wait until dawn if I can get myself outta here...
Drag myself to drive all the way back right after the function.As usual I am not in my right mind when feeling so so exhausted. I just pray to God to get me home safely as I am driving with my eyes half open.
At same time, I am very worried about my assignment which is due on 15th June 2009. Since I have this principle to always submit my assignment one day early so my submission deadline to myself is on 14th June 2009.
I have not done any single thing. But when I reached home , I am freaking fainted on my bed and only woke up at 9.00am.Ah! I better skip my Chiro then...
Locked myself in the house with some fruit juice and start doing my assignment. I finished my assignment at 5.45pm. I feel relieved. My shoulder were aching like mad. I think my muscle getting stiffer.
Take nice hot long shower since I didn't shower at all since morning just because I am very worried I can't get thing done on time. Then dry myself and jump onto the bed. Stretch my arm and leg wide.... ah... so fresh and hungry now..
I need to treat myself tonight! Go for spa or go for nice dinner?
I wish can get both..
I choose nice dinner because I promised myself a nice spa treatment after my last class for this term which is end of this month.
Head to Alamanda and get myself into Penang Village and ordered plate of special nasi lemak. Ah! so long never eat the Nasi Lemak!
I enjoyed every spoon of Nasi Lemak and never take that long to eat. I took almost an hour just for one plate of Nasil Lemak. Enjoyed every moment!
Right after that feeling like, I still can get good dessert. Admitted myself to Big Apple Doughnut and Nothing is sweeter than ..mmmmm yummy with melting white and dark chocolate on top plus the yummy tasty peanut butter and chocolate filing. Heaven!!!!!!
I go back home with full of satisfaction!
When I reached home here goes the reality....
Another deadline this Wednesday.... Arggghhh!!! again???
Hate it!
By now when I am updating my blog , my another assignment is half cook. Thought of finish it off but my brain gone dead! So I end up practice my Yoga and Pilates and then zzzzzzzzzzz for Monday morning re charge.. Hope to have a good week start.
Special Nasi Lemak from Penang Village -can't wait to eat this..
Dessert for the day - Big Apple Doughnut...Yummy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More to go..

I have a sleepless night these days, due to staying up to do my assigments. I never read this much in my life.
Whoever know me , for sure know me as one person whom hate to read so much. I mean all this serious book. As my tagline "wanna live my life like princess", one can tell from the tagline what kind of book can make me fascinated ? Fairytales!!!! hahahahah yeah! and more I love mysteries and historical too.

Oh ya! back to my assignments, I done my part on Group assignments for LMP and part of CS this is due to the other part need me to evaluate and recommend which is I have to wait for the rest of the group part.
How to evaluate? The truth is... hell! I don't know!!!!
CS is new thing for me.
I have not attend any class yet for this subject!

Another heart popping out moment coming since I need to present on CS. Ah! I hate presentation. Gives me butterflies and ants and also worms in my stomach. Like throwing up. Hate public speaking! Introvert I am!
I feel nervous and forgot what I suppose to say.

Hate it hate it... well I still have to face it!

I am starting to do my individual tomorrow and submit by this Sunday. and more deadline next week... ah! lazy lazy like a lizard to read all these readings...