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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today is the most weird interview day.
I allocated 2 candidates to come in the morning for the post of Admin & HR Assistant.
1st Candidate
She came in as a descent 23years old girl.
When she start talking will be with hand gestures as if she is in debate class or something.
I asked her one question that I regretted until now. (I shouldn't asked her this question)
Me : How should I called you?
Candidate : Tamus! (with proud and confident face)
Me : Tamus? very unusual name? Where do you get this name? Bible? (I have not read this anywhere in bible)
Candidate : No... I am like hippopotamus.So I put my name Tamus! Hippopotamus have big mouth same like me. See see I can put in the whole hand inside my mouth....
(She really put in her whole hand inside her mouth)
OMG!!!!!! This is seriously weirdo... I can't even blink my eyes for 3 secs and seriously at that moment I am speechless.
2nd Candidate
29 years old and very talkative.
She talk too much and reveal info she is not suppose to tell me.
Hopefully , tomorrow I will meet better candidate.