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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Whats for dinner?
Single woman like me either pack from the nearest restaurant or try to mix and match anything from the fridge.

Ah! tonight mix and match is chick peas from R&R when I am travelling from North on Sunday and salads which I bought last last and last weekend... thank god that salad still fresh then I mix with tuna & sunflower oil and dash of black pepper. Here we go.... my lunch and dinner...
skip lunch just now due to over worked my self again. Taste? surprise!!!!! not bad... ehehehehe the truth is quite bad.... ahahaha not my taste! I end up throw it to dustbin and digging to strawberries I bought during my weekend trip.

Well... this office will not put me to rest even one minute.
Every moment is all about surprise.
Aw! not good or happy surprise but always full of stupid and problematic surprise.
If I have a man and that man thought I will appreciate surprise to lighten up our relationship...... I will ditch that man right away!

I hate surprise from now on....

Ah! just make one conversation with somebody I knew... he were saying he quit his recent job and decided to venture into business.
What business?
He said donno....
mmmm.... I ask again how to start business if you donno what to business about?
What is your preparation?
Then he said well...... I just print a name card.
Then I said , so???? print name card then what?
Then innocently he answered me distribute it to anybody he meet.
Yeah! then when people ask you, what do you do?
What will you answer?
The he replied me.... mmmmm I just said I am doing business lah!!!!

Ah! is he somebody I know?
not after listened to his answer?

Dont surprise yourself until to this extend la... people do business you want to do too... but no services or sell anything ( i mean trading) so no business la....

aigoooooo..... so so wanna knock his head kaw kaw... then smack his face with my wedges shoes.

Wake up!!!! go and beg your boss for your job back.....

Is he that innocent or he plain stupid?
Cannot be stupid coz he is graduate.
I dont know maybe I misunderstood him or whatsoever... please dont tell me another surprise dream ok!

Good night! Hyun Joong ...... saranghae yo