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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Head Drilling Session@ Cyberview

Here goes my Saturday...
Not a lift up hips but a lift up headddd...
A day at Cyberviewlodge Resort. I love and thankful for this opportunity to tour around this beautiful place.
However, spend a day stuck in the room listen to so called successful people talk... yeah I pick up what I feel right for me! But hell not all. Anything relevant the rest is just a boast for me!!! I am bit stubborn here...
Idea to eliminate family and friends are too much though!
I may want to be selfish to get to the top but my heart is not that cold !

I love the earlier part of the talk and show on RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki!
Learn a lot and I am definate want to practic the formula....
I dont want to be rich but I just want to have enough money to do what I always want to do...

Back home I am tired. I want to dozz off now and wake up early and work on my unfinished business (my apple assigment) hope can come out with my 1st draft tomorrow.
OK ! I will determine to finish it tomorrow. Lock myself at home to get thing done!
I am foreseeing for very headache and busy Monday!!!!

Here are my snapshop at Cyberview Lodge Resort... got a chance to pamper myself at 'Sembunyi Spa'. Hope to come back there for Sauna and Jacuzzi and better massage stroke... should have choose 'Shiatsu' instead of 'Balinese'. They pour too much oil... yeah!!!! pour i mean pour... so so oily make me so uncomfortable...
Overall... I love the place because so green and love the scenery... beautiful and breathtaking....

Back to reality ... assignment assignment and exams coming up....
I am tired and tired ... worry on my 17th July Doctor appointment... hope he don't suggest for an operation :(...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy Busy

As mentioned before, its busy 2 months ahead for me.
Enough to say I have been like nomad for the past few weeks.
Work loads and studies.
I am also busy managing up in the company.
I feel like I don't have any private time.
I come home to just have some 4-5 hours sleep.
Most of the time on the road or office.

I miss my korean and japanese drama.
But sometimes when you getting older you don't have time to watch all this craps anymore!
If I still have time to watch all this meaning , no progress in life.

I am working harder.. yeay yea people say work smart not hard..
I tried to be smart but I am not that smart so have to accept the fact and work harder and put more efforts!

Tough journey!
I wish to see my so called silence enemy at the top.
I want to look down at him one day and say hey!
I am more successful than you with my own effort.

Nothing to proud off if you are overidding on story such selling magazines door to door.
But the story need to be consistent.
If you can afford RM1000 plus camera in 1989, you are not poor as you claimed.
If you can throw bash party on your 21 birthday with in house DJ , you are not poor.

Oh ya got carried away here... I am mad at somebody so just need to express before my mind gone hair wired.

I hate over proud people..

Need a sleep now .. morning class ... I am so tired!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life is like a BIG WHEEL

Life is like a BIG WHEEL...
Why did I bring up this issue?
I known one man whom thinks he is on top all the time.
He may have money. Not that much money to compare to any other tycoon but just enough for him to retire and live for another 1 generation.

What I want to point out here..
He always thought he is the most successful person on earth.
As 3rd person whom see the '3D' version..(ny point of view) he is not sucessful at all.
He may be a businessman but not that successful one.
He may be thought he may grow his business to become multi national one day!
Yo man! long way to go...

Build up the team to be successful..
You are nothing without any loyal team.
You are nothing if you don't trust people.
You are nothing if you are not willing to let go.
You are nothing if you think money is everything.
You are nothing if you don't learn how to delegate.
You are nothing if you do every single task on your own with thinking only you can do the best job.

You always thought you are no. 1.
You laugh when hear on other people failure.
You laugh when people at bad time.

Just rememberlife is like a BIG WHEEL!
Now you may half way at top then you at the top then you will fall down to the bottom.
Not easy to be no. 1.
But just be no. 3 its better and remain your life that way and stable there peacefully.

Not its happen to have that lady luck on your side.

Ok ... time for me to study..
This Competitive Strategy subject really make me a book worms.
I have been reading for many nights and yet I am still in the dark!
Arggggghhh !!! God show me the light please...
Make me smarter please....

I work hard all my life hope to have better and peaceful life.