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I feel suffocated with too many deadlines coming up! Current workload at workplace. My study, assignments, exams. My interview for my ecosway shop and many festive coming up. Xmas dinner and year end dinner with friends. I just dont know how to allocate my time and which one to chase after. Month of November 2009 Week of 15th - 19th : 1. MRC assignment no. 1 due date on 20th 2. Company Xmas & Year end Night with Client 3. eCosway 1st trial interview and form submission 22nd Week 22nd - 29th 1. Raya Haji on 27th definately need to drive back Taiping in 27th morning. Hopefull come back by 29th early morning. 2. SCS assignment 2 - due date on 3rd Dec 3. Co. Accounts & reporting Month of Dec Week 29th Nov - 6th Dec 1. SCS assignment 2 due date on 3rd Dec 2. MRC assignment 2 due date on 11th Dec Week 7th - 13th 1. MRC assignment 2 due date on 11th 2. SCS Class on 11th - 13th 3. SCS Presentation on 13th Week 14th - 20th 1. SCS Assignment 1 written report due on 20th 2. Executor staff

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