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I am speechless to myself

I feel speechless to myself on these two weekends. I feel time is not enough for myself. I feel I spend too much time on something else and not to myself. But.... what should I do if I spend time for myself apart from watching my mushy mashy korean drama then laugh or cry alone???? I need to find some useful hobbies rather than spend most of my time at shopping malls. Seriously last Friday back home very late night.... Suddenly other people problems become my problems... and expect me to do magic again. Well.... I should think about becoming a full time magician then.... Anyway, I don't give a damn about all this nonsense... I just want to focus on my July thingy. Hope everything work out well! My recruitment for receptionist position is a let down. Those attitude problem people... arghhhh!!!! giving me headache! Now I understand.... where we are now.... is all because of our attitude problems. They don't finish their studies. They can't speak well but yet they demand high

Meaningful Recruitment

Its still not finalise.... aish!!!! Last candidate I met is on Wednesday. Last question from my last candidate is...... Candidate A : " Miss! are you married???" In my heart, ishhhhh.... is this relevant??? Hell !!! nooooo!!!! I still need control my professionalism.... cool down Rina.. cool down.. Me : " Dear!!!! what I mean , do you have any question... question relevant to company??? question on postion you applying??? " Still with my smiling face although I feel like slapping her face. Candidate A : "ehehehe... sorry ar!!!! but are you married??? eeeerrr sorryy ar!!!! " In my heart, Big OMG!!!!! do you have brother to introduce is it???? Still with smiling face and control my professionalism....maintain maintain... I keep telling myself. Me: "I believe you don't have any relevant question anymore. Lets end our interview today. I will give you a call once you finalise everything in another week or two. Thank you for coming!!!" I took her a

Recruitment with RINA and THE DON'T (s)

I have been meeting candidates almost every single day. I am getting sick of it! I have been calling people for interview and I feel like throwing up! I have been browsing through resumes after resumes and I get migraine by just a glance of it! By now, I can feel how the recruiters feel.... When Rina is the recruiter...... 1. ..... and when she got through the resumes .... * She reject any resume without photograph * She hate SO MUCH when candidate send photo with camwhore style or cute face or model style * Job hopping or Grasshopper - REJECT * Asking too much salary at least 50% more than current but yet stay just one yr at current one - REJECT Then when she call candidates for interview ... * they never pick up call after 5 rings - she label them as not responsible * They answer call with "arrrrrr" or "aha" or " mmmmm" or "what " or "ha" - she feel they are lucky for not being in front or her or she need to commit a crime by slapping

Another sicky weekend

Yeah! weather not so good for me. I was conducting recruitment and at the same time sick like an old lady. Imagine I am having difficulties with itchy throat while talking to potential candidates.... ah!!!! I feel like getting a fork and scratch my throat. Friday night a bit lonely... didnt go to gym at all.. but end up wondering at KLCC having my dinner alone. Then I came across a sinful kiosk! Bijou cupcakes!!!!! OMG!!!! very pretty and look yummy... here we go... I never taste pretty cupcake before so despite being sick and when I realise I have two cupcakes in my hand. Saturday night another unpleasant night for me. I cna't sleep due to my bad cough and my astma make a come back!! OMG!!!! Tomorrow is Monday, another recruitment day.... I can't afford to go for MC... hope I heal fast.. Sunday is the worst when I came back home around 2pm and the electricity were out until almost 8.30pm. A friend of mind came toask me out for dinner then only I realise, my house is the only o

What am I

How do I start my entry for this week??? I have been doing recruitment for the whole week. Monday to Friday , I can say I have been seeing at least more than 25 candidates. Many types and many interesting character. I have at least 6 candidates asked me the same question at the end of interview. " What are you?" mmmmm.... how should I answer this people??? What am I? Who am I? I am a human, idiot!!!! or should I start saying , Hidup Malaysia!!!! Satu Malaysia!!!! What the heck girls??? Although you curious on what race am I , you shouldn't be asking this irrelevant questions!!!! 1st and 2nd candidate asked me , I still give them a descent answer but when come to the 3rd, I got fed up and my temper rose up high and high and high.... so my answer is, I am philipines. ahhhh1!!! ambik kau... geram betul!!!! I saw their funny and puzzle face after listen to my answer.... tu la kay poh sangat... and obviously they are not listed in 2nd interview......too bad... wrong question g

Sick Weekend

I am officially sick. Sore throat, flue and cough.... complete package. I believe I got it since Friday night! I am suppose to finalise my own accounts but end worst sick on Sunday. Ah! hope I still have my voice for recruitment week starting tomorrow. I am seeing at least 5 candidates in a day until Friday. I don't know how I am going to do this but I have to. I need ore people to work for me or I am doom. How is my mood swing??? My PMS dried up early, well maybe will end up menapouse early then. I am still in upset mood although I am pretending to look ok but in my heart is not ok. Saturday morning as I mentioned, I wanted to be a cocoon. Yeah! did it for almost 2 hours then be a spring rolls rolling from south to west on my bed. I feel great!!! But still I feel like don't want to do anything at all.... Then my phone rang!!!! Ah!!!! a friend asked me to go out!!! Prince of Persia??? Maybe he know I have been in bad mood for almost a week. Trying to cheer me up by asking me ou

Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go is always a recruitment day!!!!! Today started my 1st recruitment day. We are looking for candidates to fill in 3 positions in our company: 1. PA to SVP 2. Admin Executive 3. Receptionist cum Admin Assistant Response from the applicants is great but the quality is sucks!!! These candidates just whack and click apply although they are not qualified or over qualified. I had 3 candidates came in today. My receptionist candidate came in with jeans and light brown contact lense. Another receptionist came in with after smoking smells and very transparent baju kurung revealing her black push up bra. My last candidate for the day is for PA position. Unfortunately, when she start talking her eyes keep looking up and left and right ? Am I too ugly to look at? I was wondering until now. Next week Mon - Fri is back to back recruitment. Jia you!!! Well the politician still with his own politics trying to find alliance here and there but I just entertain him. For the dog keep bark

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