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Just like all those South Korean Star, I can't step out from house without BB or CC  or DD Cream. Eceeewwahhhhh!!! So STAR!!!! I always a combination skin type and uneven tone. Just the thought of stepping outside and show my bare face without any coverage will make me losing the only pride I have in myself, CONFIDENCE! I heard about saying you need to look natural and plain and so on. Its not wrong to improve your look to make it better as long as you are not excessive in improvising. When you look your best, the 'lady luck' shines..... trust me. It works with snap of fingers! Of course your appearance is just compliment to your good attitude and heart. Earlier, IMA been living with oily liquid foundation and so on. When the BB Cream was introduce...IMA is the happiest woman. I am not alone to feel that way. Don't act hypocrite ladies if you say NO!  Then CC Cream and later DD Cream came into picture and now EE Cream too. Oh..for those who


I always have problem with uneven and dull skin tone which really make me not stepping out from my door without applying any BB or CC cream on.   Guess, I am that woman who the man beside will wake up screaming because they just saw one ugly ghost sleeping beside him. WTH! *palm cover my dull face* isk isk isk So 'sien' ar!!!!!! I was given the opportunity to try out NEESYA skin care products to revive back my dull and uneven skin. I tested :  * NEESYA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 100ml - RP : RM49/- * NEESYA Illuminating Essence 65ml - RP : RM129/- * NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner 75ml - RP : RM69/- * NEESYA Brightening Overnight Mask 75ml - RP : RM99/- Product Origin : Malaysia Paraben FREE Colorant Certified by Ministry of Health GMP Certified Since NEESYA promise "skin that shines from within in just 14 days", I tried this product as soon as it reached me. Now it has been 14 weeks and it helps to revive


Recently, I was given opportunity to be my own make up artist. lol...seriously??? Me? A make up artist? long as it doesn't require me to draw flawless line on my eye lid, why not?  I was given challenge to use a brand called KLAIRS. Have you heard about KLAIRS? I search around and found out KLAIRS ranked 1st place on meme box 2nd week Jan 2015.KLAIRS BB cream is also sold in Korea Meme Box and recently it was ranked #1 for the BB cream part in Meme Box. Wow!!! NATTA KOSME, is a popular cosmetic online shopping store sent me KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40, PA++ The package reached me SUPER FAST in this presentable packaging. So remember if you shop with NATTA COSME , you don't have to worry about your cosmetic being ruined. It was nicely wrapped with bubble plastic too. They even provide me with make up artist rubber sponge to even out the cream onto my skin. Oh! not to forget the vintage box hair claw to complete my look. Th

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