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15 October 2014, Wednesday I visited Alive Museum after my witnessed the magnificent view of Silver Grass at Sagumburi Crater . Suppose to make our trip to Trickeye Museum but don't know how the GPS lead us to here. Any place...I still have lots of crazy fun day here. I am glad the GPS brought me here. Address : 42, Jungmun Tourism Street, Seoguipo-si , Jeju-do Enter this phone number to your GPS : 064 8050888 Visit website : this Alive Museum one can become main character going into stories expressed by each theme. One can take photos with funny pose in art works. Like my crazy act below. hehehehe Many tourist there too. But who cares about the shyness when we don't even know whether this same opportunity drop by to your life again..huh? The fun activities does not end at indoor but also at beautiful outdoor park.  All you can hear in this Museum is laughter from all visitors having fun act the crazy and fun

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