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Last weekend is totally Korean week least for me. Is it just this week or everyday Korean for me??? Everyday Korean for me!!!! WTH!!!! Crazy ar this Ajuma! Anyway as reported in earlier post there are Korean Festival going on at Pavillion Centre Court. Just like what I imagine if they mentioned Pavillion Centre Court as the venue....huhuhuh not las big like at Midvalley exhibition mall. The vent was like that only ar??? They should have made it bigger scale yo! I wish they make it like the korean food booth and sampling and many more. Yeah! I saw many line up for korean traditional wear photo shoot session. I stop and listen to the traditional duo singer....quite a mesmerizing performance. Then the royal traditional costume fashion show is quite aspiring too.The peak of the event is during Mblaq and Haha performance and appearance.    Here are some of the snapshot of the K Festival @ Pavillion Joseon era Royal costume wear parade durin


photo credit to ONE My favourite laughing therapy korean variety show -Running Man cast is coming to Malaysia this 1 November 2014. But again the ticket to pricey for me to spend. Even CN Blue this 8 Aug 2014 also IMA gotta miss out! WTH!!! IMA don't have privilege to spend money in this way. For those die hard fan and die die die die wanna meet these Running Man cast live in person...... MARK YOUR CALENDAR DATE : 1ST NOVEMBER 2014 (SATURDAY) VENUE :  NATIONAL STADIUM TICKET PRICE : RM729 (VIP) , RM499 (CAT 1), RM429 (CAT 2), RM299 (CAT 3), RM199 (CAT 4) You can book ticket at official website ONE , Facebook and Twitter or just check out Astro Ch 393 for more details. IMA just wait every Sunday evening for Running Man to be aired and laugh off while enjoying my Sauna Bath at home. Owhhhh!!!! forgot to tell only Kim Jong Kook (The Tiger aka Sparta)  , HAHA aka Haroro, Song Jo Hyo aka Mong Ji and Jee Seok Jin aka Impala will be coming over. South Korean nationa


Wanna visit South Korea for free this October and November? The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new event called “To:ur Imagination.” This special promotion was created to encourage foreign tourists to have more interest in visiting Korea and has already been endorsed by stars from across the globe including Big Bang (Korea), Mario Maurer (Thailand), Xin Jiang (China), Ebina Kenichi (Japan) and Michelle Phan (U.S.A.). Some of these celebrities even visited Korea and videos of their trip are shared on the To:ur Imagination website. To participate in the event, simply visit the To:ur Imagination website and describe what you want to do when you visit Korea. KTO will then select 8 grand prize winners who can take a guest of their choice on a 4-day trip to Korea in October or November. In addition to the grand prize, other prizes such as an iPad mini, signed Big Bang CDs and more will be given away! To be eligible for the event, participants must post their

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