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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Last weekend is totally Korean week least for me. Is it just this week or everyday Korean for me??? Everyday Korean for me!!!! WTH!!!! Crazy ar this Ajuma! Anyway as reported in earlier post there are Korean Festival going on at Pavillion Centre Court. Just like what I imagine if they mentioned Pavillion Centre Court as the venue....huhuhuh not las big like at Midvalley exhibition mall. The vent was like that only ar??? They should have made it bigger scale yo! I wish they make it like the korean food booth and sampling and many more. Yeah! I saw many line up for korean traditional wear photo shoot session. I stop and listen to the traditional duo singer....quite a mesmerizing performance. Then the royal traditional costume fashion show is quite aspiring too.The peak of the event is during Mblaq and Haha performance and appearance.    Here are some of the snapshot of the K Festival @ Pavillion Joseon era Royal costume wear parade durin


No doubt the Hallyu Waves is HOT around the world and Malaysia can feel the heat too ever since Winter Sonata, Full House, Boys Over Flower, My Love from the Star and many others to list down.  IMA one of those crazy Ajumma (head down, I am one old woman Hallyu Waves Fan) ...joining all those Gen-Y fans jumping up and down to Hallyu Waves. CN Blue, Big Bang, FT Island, B1A4, Beast, EXO, MBlaq are among this Ajumma long list favourites.  Korean Cultures totally influence my lifestyle too! Gosh! this Ajumma....isk isk isk I am happy to give this shout out!!!!  Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) will be organising an exciting event called K-Festival @ Pavillion KL ,Malaysia dedicated for local fans of the Hallyu or Korean Wave this 8th - 10th August 2014. It is during weekend everybody!!!! Golden Triangle will be damn pack and congested with all those Hallyu fans!!!! For those who are not into the waves....AVOID this place during these period and for fans.....let us c

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