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I started my journey to the Northern part of Thailand on 1st Jan 2016. Landed in Chiangmai , Thailand around 8:40am on that day and went straight to Pai which took around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City.  I reached Pai late afternoon due few stop at some attractions. Check in to hotel and heard the news my last sis involved with car accident. Its a mixture feelings of New Year start for me. I try to remain calm and think of way to solve the problem involve one at the time. I am the car owner of that car. haihhhhh.... Anyway, life need to move on. I am far away and the only I can do is to pray...nothing serious happened to her.  I cover up my worrisome feelings at Pai Night Market and eat my heart out! WTH! Such a great excuse to eat more ...huhuhuh.. I visited Night Market at Pai, Sunday Night Market in Chiangmai and Night Market at Mae Hong Son. Among all these three market...I would recommend Night Market at Pai and also Sunday Night Market in Chian

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