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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Introducing to the world!!!!!My bear bear of my life apart from Minzhi my traveling companion. The one in Blue, name Gu Jun Pyo (a birthday gift from my Last Sis). The one in Pink, name Geum Jan Di (a birthday gift from my Mum) Adorable pair, huh? They follow me around and a permanent resident in my car. Both have very important mission. Their mission is to protect Princess Cindyrina's big valuable handbag. When Princess is not in her car...Jun Pyo and Jan Di will stay on that position. When Princess in the car....Jun Pyo and Jan Di will be in that in the position...covering and guarding, Princess's treasure which placed underneath the car seat. Princess traveling with lots of valuable items like her wet wipes,external hard disk,big fat wallet,big fat cosmetic pouch,starbuck instant coffee powder,camera,powerbank and many more. Jun Pyo and Jan Di , always wondering...why Princess always traveling with big fat bag when it is so dangerous wo

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