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Chiangmai nick name is "The Rose of the North" which suit the name very well. This beautiful city pack with natural wonder and history. You can look forward to visit the ancient city with fresh air to breathe. 1. Beautiful view Chiangmai full of nature beauty. You can imagine visiting to ancient Thai city within lush green rain forest with magnificent waterfalls, exotic animals and rich ecosystems.Mother nature is close to you with a beautiful view from the Gate of Himalayan Alps. 2. Ancient City Chiangmai was known as ancient Lanna Kingdom. This city is unique that it walled city surrounding still remain until now. The moat surrounding still strong intact! 3. Delicious Thai Feast You won't go hungry if you are here. You can taste and eat the mouth watering exotic Thai food till your heart content. Oh! if you can't take spicy food, you can request for mild one. 4. Fabulous Ancient Temples This place have aro


Be my Valentines...if you DARE! hehehehe...who will if the first sentence already sounds like a threat? huh? No doubt! the fact that we are human with feelings to be love and love somebody. When I was in Pai early this year, coming to this place was not even in my itinerary, though heard about this place before and I thought this is just another ordinary coffee house. The driver I hired  insist me to drop by after filing up my belly with big breakfast.  So glad..I came here. I am a coffee lover myself but I didn't fall in love with coffee here. Oh! don't put off by the coffee or whatsoever. No matter what ...make sure to visit this famous place call coffee in love if you in Pai. I fall in love with the beautiful view. The valley behind this place totally breathtaking. Such an awesome place to retire and live up the remaining golden years. Well..thats what I was thinking when I witness this awesome view. Everything like the fairy tale books I read during my c


If you happen to visit Pai or Mae Hong Son while you in Chiangmai, its a good idea to include Tham Lod in your itinerary. Reason being , Tham Lod is located in between of Pai and Mae Hong Son and since you already went through that deadly , sickly curves journey already...why not visit this interesting place. Tham is Thai Language for Cave. Lod Cave or Tham Lod is a huge cave where you can see many interesting fragile ecosystem encased in solid stone. Apart from you be able to meet with big fat carp and bat and its stinky pooh...the most interesting of all is to witness the 500 years old log coffins.  No 'PEE'ing man here! You can see many bats pooh though! yikes! You won't be able to explore the cave without any lantern tour guide and taking the bamboo rafting. There are many of them and most of them will not harass you to choose them. They use numbers and everybody will take their turn. Mine was a young girl who facing the low season for farming due to wint


Continuation to my previous post about Night Market at Pai which situated around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City, this is about the famous or Sunday Walking Night Market at Chiangmai city itself. The Sunday Walking Night Market runs through the centre of the Old City along Rachadamnoen Road which start from The Phae Gate to the Police Station. Seriously happening here. It start at 5pm to 10pm. My advice to start early like around 6 - 7pm. The crowds is seriously getting crazier around 8pm onwards. You barely move with all those curious tourist. You will be sandwiched in the sea of people. Again, I don't even bother about any knick knacks or whatsoever. My main focus is just food and food and food again. WTH! Too many inexpensive delicious nibbles to main meals to choose.  I tried new street food which is pretty much out of curiosity of the taste. WTH! Nothing to lose since its really inexpensive and just my belly getting bigger. DAMN!!! I started with


I started my journey to the Northern part of Thailand on 1st Jan 2016. Landed in Chiangmai , Thailand around 8:40am on that day and went straight to Pai which took around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City.  I reached Pai late afternoon due few stop at some attractions. Check in to hotel and heard the news my last sis involved with car accident. Its a mixture feelings of New Year start for me. I try to remain calm and think of way to solve the problem involve one at the time. I am the car owner of that car. haihhhhh.... Anyway, life need to move on. I am far away and the only I can do is to pray...nothing serious happened to her.  I cover up my worrisome feelings at Pai Night Market and eat my heart out! WTH! Such a great excuse to eat more ...huhuhuh.. I visited Night Market at Pai, Sunday Night Market in Chiangmai and Night Market at Mae Hong Son. Among all these three market...I would recommend Night Market at Pai and also Sunday Night Market in Chian

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