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12th October 2014, Sunday HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINA!!!!! You were born to this earth years ago and still survive and alive until now.BIG PAT on my back!!! Congratulations!!!! I am officially an old woman with young at heart!!!! I wake with full of energy to achieve something today... Birthday speech???? Thank you God for keeping me alive, healthy and well. Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me...yeahh yeahhh sounds so like pathetic woman singing happy birthday alone at foreign country huh? How come don't feel like weird or pathetic at all???? kekekekeke... As long as I am happy and well...whatever you wanna interpret my happiness...its my life!!!! WTH! Today I am going to climb up the Geumjeong Mountain Fotress. Yup! you read it right...I climb!!!! I did it too!!!! Although it takes a bit longer than others...hehehehe I am one Ajumma who don't climb for years and did it alone at others country! Thank God no leeches or scary slimy creatures on the way

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