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I was told by my driver there is dedicated hospital for stroke patient at Bukit Tinggi. Why? Bukit Tinggi people love to eat food with lots of coconut milk and rich with fats. When you enter a restaurant, the waiters will served you with lots of dishes like in photo below. You can choose what you like to eat and put aside the one not to your liking. I almost deduct all of them when Mum end up commented what left to eat then....eheh!!! sorry!!!! I don't really fancy Padang food. Not my preference at all. I may spoil with too many choices but it really not to my liking since it was cold dishes and most cook with coconut milk. I did requested them to reheat the grilled fish with thought I could at least eat that. To my disappointment, it was slight warm which nearly cold. huh? My first day lunch I end up eat rice with just green chillies. isk isk isk Top left : Grilled Prawn Top right : Fried Cumi aka Squid Bottom : Soup Kepiting aka Crabs Seafood at Padang beach


I was touring Bukit Tinggi - Padang, Indonesia on 14th Feb - 17th Feb 2015. Seriously, this place isn't my choice of place to visit at all. Not even tiny bit in my traveling list. I was here as tour leader to my old folk. Feb 14th , is my Dad's birthday and this is sort of his birthday present from me. Dad officially 73 years old and Mum is coming to 67 years old coming May 5th. Bringing old people, make me realise my future. huhuhuh...I am going to be like them traveling and the different ...I don't have the children privilege to bring me around. I am sort of lonely old woman traveler soon. DAMN! I purchase air ticket online from Air Asia and hire a mini van with driver. Itinerary based on my online research prior to this journey. Where to visit in 2 nights at Bukit Tinggi? 1. Air Terjun , Lembah Anai.  Entrance fees IDR3,000/pax. What you can see? Waterfall. There were legend saying the water is a fountain of youth. You believe that? Well

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