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Most of us drive to work , college and even during weekend for our leisure time. Nowadays, traffic is getting bad and people are getting crazier! I guess because of food they ate and also stress in life. I always believe every traffic jam start with an 'idiot' act'! Here are some of list that I can think off base on my experience driving on the road. 1. When the driver are busy texting at a red light and they don't notice the light turn green.  "Gosh! You just make me miss the green light!" 2. When the other driver just stare at you when you are both stopped at an intersection.  "AWKWARD!" 3. Fast car show offs out of sudden.  "DAMN! wish you hit that barrier!" 4. When they all change lane on the sudden without any signal. "Hey! am I invisible?" 5. A sudden 'U- Turn'. "Huh! forgot something?" 6. They drive 10 mph under the speed l


I recently stumble upon this terrific marketplace for individual or businesses who are looking for a landing page type website.  I immediately sign up and explore. Don't worry you can just sign up fro free at If you are an individual or businesses looking for a landing page type website that can easily updated with content stream of fresh content....then PODIDOO.COM is perfect place for you. Plus is extremely SEO friendly. You don't need to worry so much about paying for SEO consultant. You can make use of this marketplace to share you creativity by enabling users to consume , share and sell high quality content. Everything at one place!!!! I wrote to the co founder of Mr Christian Bertolini, on how podidoo gotten its name? He wrote back to me and share ....pods as containers of content, podidoo can also be read as 'Pod I Do' and it sounds blend and nice, playful and French if you pronounce it as podidoo....make sense! I

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