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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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This is my health it so secret??? WTH! I even taught my mum this secret. Good daughter huh? But mum being a housewife has more time to blend the fresh ginger and turmeric for this drink. But me just settle for this jar of organic one which I gotten from AEON , Organic section.   Now I share this to public! No more secret huh? Every morning before driving out to work...empty stomach. I will drink this turmeric and ginger concoction. Add in half cup of hot water : * One spoon of ginger tea powder * One spoon of turmeric tea powder * Half spoon of tamarind paste Stir it well....then add in half cup of cold water to make your tea warm instead of hot. Reason ? We are going to add one spoon of honey in it. You cannot add honey into hot water. After you add honey into your drink it and then you are ready to drive out to work. Benefit to this turmeric and ginger concoction : #Turmeric - powerful liver c

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