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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Have you ever read or heard about Long Neck people? Long neck come from Kayan people of Myanmar. They comes from Shan State of Myanmar and fled to Thailand. Government of Thailand have been very generous to allow them to live in the Thailand land. There are few settlement of Long Neck tribe or Kayan in Thailand. Most of them live in the compounded settlement with helps of NGO and other volunteer. Most of them grow their own vegetables and find their own food. They are not allowed to live the compounded area, I visited two Long Neck villages. One is pretty much commercialized which is on the way back from Chiangrai trip. I was greeted with this horny carving. They have long neck and long dick too? kekekeke This place is pretty much commercialized. Everywhere is all about selling and most long neck woman was dress up and make up to greet the tourist. I don't really like this kind of pretentious kind of set up though! Even some Long Neck tribe kids will be beggi

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