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I tried another awesome Korean Chicken Restaurant. Yup! another Korean Drama influence which make me hard to resist and taste this awesome fine dining chicken restaurant. This will be my last awesome meal since I started my 500 calories per day meal to lose weight. isk isk isk..IMA gain 5kg in just a month. That is why very determined to go through this suffering journey of 500 cal per day diet. WTH! Back to BB Korean Chicken Restaurant which I stumbled into this place by chance at The Curve, Damansara last Sunday. BBQ Chicken Restaurant is not a new place in town and they have been in Malaysia for many years. I remember tried this many years back even before I started my blog. I am their first customer of the day and this was my BRUNCH and also dinner. WTH! I ate all this with Chinggu since 8 March is that fella's birthday. Awesome! Spoil with mouth watering choices, both of us end up settle with this fabulous meal. Pane Mushroom Cream Soup  The creamy


16th October 2014, Wednesday Today is my final night at Jeju do. I feel sad because my greedy me wish for more times here. Many places I haven't visit eg. my dreams to climb Mt Hallasan. Anyway, I thankful for God to allow me to reach here. I had this at my favourite Ajumma's Restaurant at Chilsimni Food Street at Seowigpo,Jeju do. That Ajumma was super generous to me too.  Final dinner at Jeju do, I ordered this Spicy Seafood Hot Pot aka Haemul-Jeongol.So many fresh seafood and fresh vegetables in here. The soup was super delicious because the various ingredients combines into this one pot. Do you drooling see this hot pot? What is in this hot pot? Abalone, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Sea Squirt, Crabs, Prawn, Clams, Enoki Mushrooms and other vegetables. Ajumma's banchan really don't let me down. Especially her seasoned sesame leaf side dishes and that anchovies. Her sauce which goes with that white cabbage really DAEBAK!!!! 'Ajuma! ma-sit-sso-yo...&


The other day went to Low Yat because Chingu is looking for and then happily bought Samsung Galaxy S4 for himself before off to his back pack trip to China. On the way back saw this Mr Dakgalbi. Aiiiikkkk...since me so Korean craze woman. I did some sweet talk and Chingu agreed to settle our dinner with Korean food. hehehe..happy me!!! Dakgalbi is Korean popular dish originated from Chuncheon and Gangwon province. Dakgalbi is a stir frying marinated dices chicken in a gochujang (chilli pepper paste) based sauce with sliced cabagge , goguma aka sweet potato ,scallions ,onions and tteok aka rice cake...all in together on a hot plate.  You can add rice or ramen or both if you are too crazy hungry. Some add cheese in it too. This is Mr Dakgalbi near Bukit Bintang branch. It located just next to CIMB Bank at YTL Building. Mine with ramen and octopus added in huh! so sweating waiting for my dinner! The person attending to us not Korean...they are Banglade


I wanted to try Bulgogi long time ago. I watch many Korean Variety Shows and when they shown the Bulgogi dishes ...really make me drooling. I wanted to try this whatever it takes. At least once in life time. I keep telling myself to live my life by eating less meat. I did...anyway!!!! But hey...this does not mean it is a BIG NO NO just a reduce intake of all those meaty dishes. Last weekend, Chingu decided to treat me at Bulgogi Brothers since somebody told me I need to have some meat at least to continue living. It is a cycle of life and I don't have to feel like a sinner just because they have to kill the cow to feed me the meat. WTH! OK let us experience eating like Korean enjoy the Bulgogi!  We chose Gwangyangsik Bulgogi. This meat is thinly slice and eat it with gwangyang sauce. Not so strong taste to preserve the natural meat taste and all cook on hot plate right in front of us. They add in guguma aka sweet potato, slices of leek, clove of gar


I eat less chicken for 2 years now. If I have any other choice , I wouldn't want to choose chicken or meat. I eat more fish or seafood but most of the time more fish and veggies in my daily diet. Fruit not so much because I only eat certain type of fruits and it is seasonal one. Chingu said too expensive taste. Yeap! guess what??? IMA only eat fresh cherries and apricot. So snobbish la this woman! Not really...reason behind it because these two fruits taste nice and no need for me to peel or what so ever. What about strawberries??? Huhuhuhuh this reason will make you wanna throw up!!!! I only eat Korean strawberries in Korea.WTH!!! Throw up pleaseeeeee!!!! Malay community will call me 'Perempuan tak sedar diri'! huhuhuhuh.. Whatever!!!! My personal preference! As long as I am happy! I really miss the taste of Korean food. So one weekend ask Chingu to treat me for korean food. At least at Dubu dubu has quite reasonable price food. I order

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