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I always wanted to try Korean Fried Chicken. Being a Muslim it is limited chance for me to try this in South Korea itself even though I was there twice. Every time watching my Korean Drama my saliva feel drooling when there is scene of delicious looking Fried Chicken. WTH! I know...I know...what you are thinking...'face palm' right now! In South Korea they ordered fried chicken like the culture to order pizza delivery. So every time watch Korean Drama...fried chicken here and fried chicken there...of course I am being an ordinary human being unable to take the temptation and desire to have a bite of those finger licking good crispy fried chicken. Good excuse huh? Many said...when it comes to frying chicken nobody...and I mean nobody.. nobody...does it better than the Koreans. My apologies to all other people but this is also my opinion. So if you have other opinion...please try the Korean's fried chicken and let me know. We all have our own preference anyway! 


photo credit MINOZ FB Ladies!!!!! Let us jump up and down...yeay!!!! yeay!! yeay!!!! Osim is bringing Lee Min Ho to Malaysia this 28th September 2014 . Who???? Lee Min Ho that hot guy from Boys Over Flower, City Hunter, The Great Doctor aka Faith, City Hunter, The Heir and recent movie Gangnam Blues.... He is one of the top 20 hottest South Korean Male Celebrities and also a recipient to prestigious awards such as the Most Popular Star Award in the SBS Drama Awards and Best Actor Award at the Korea Drama Festival. Don't know ar??? mmmmm... this means you are not a MINOZ and not South Korean Drama addict! Lee Min Ho is OSIM latest ambassador for OSIM uDiva!!!! photo cr Osim fb Lee Min Ho was here last June 2013 and if you missed the opportunity to meet him in person then .....THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! You stand a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Lee Min Ho when he comes to Malaysia. Awwwww!!!!! so super excited!!!!! Thanks to OSIM to give this c

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