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I was recently recalling back the memories of 20 years ago, when first came to work in KL. Those days just a fresh young starter. No car to drive to work. No such thing as building up career because I don't have privilege to even think about that! I only work and earns to survive and help my family financially. My greatest challenges in KL those days was commuting to work and other places. Not sure whether any of you remember that MADNESS PINK COLOR MINI BUS? I don't see that anymore. I was one of those 'lucky' one who risked life and limb sit...errrkkk..mostly stand pack like overloaded sardines in the can. It sounds absurd. That notorious pale pink mini bus brought me to places. Same goes with shabby, run down and smelly Metro Bus. Did I mentioned the anger management issue and high competitive driver too? I have few bitter sweet experience with those two transportation. STUNT WOMAN I have chance risking my life standing by the edge of the s

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